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July 09, 2009


Charlie is precious. Another award-worthy video. Forgive my ignorance, but what's the name of that song, and what film did it appear in?


Heaven... that video, that song, that thumb.

I'll be thinking of all of you on Monday.
So much love.

I don't know why seeing Charlie suck his thumb made me cry, but it did. Maybe because it's a thing that awake babies do...they reach, they find, they remember...and Charlie's more & more awake recently.

Please don't apologize for pics and videos. I would have to bother you by email if they weren't on your blog. :-)

Much Love to You, Charlie & Kendall!

Danny, you always feature wonderful and appropriate music to accompany your endearing videos. I'm continuously moved by the images and the soundtrack of Charlie's life.

Oh, good clever Charlie. Keep growing. You've got such a fan club waiting to see you on the outside.


I so wanted to see Charlie suck his thumb and hear the accompaniment. Unfortunately, Marilyn and I have not been able to download this video and the previous one with Frank Sinatra. Any suggestions?

Still looking forward to seeing you and Kendall, even if we can't get into the NICU. Please e-mail me & give me a day & time and we'll be there. I'll be happy to fill you in on what's going on in the rest of the world, but your world is much more important. Instead, I'll tell you about the movies I've seen lately.

Love to Kendall,


To the poster who asked, the song is Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man from Show Boat by Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein. Gardner appeared in a 1950s film version of this 1920s stage musical.

I hadn't heard Gardner sing this.

As for the rest of the world, you're not missing much: several celebrity deaths, more politician adultery, and hey, Sarah Palin resigned and is giving goofy periodic press conferences to the amusement of all.

Cute to see that Charlie has discovered his thumb. Good luck with the surgeries!


Try uploading your videos to It works just like YouTube but you probably won't run into the copyright nonsense.

Oh yeah, and Charlie is looking really cute in those videos!


Thank you Danny for your continued stream of information and videos of your precious son and family. Another day begins with joy, tears and hope. Lots of love vibes sending your way...from Chicago and my family. xoxo cuz - E

A lot of stress! I wish you calmer times soon!

Thanks, all! And thanks for that Vimeo suggestion, Jeff, it seemed to work. Hope this shows up on everyone's computer. As Pam G. said, this is Ava Gardner's original version of "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" from the MGM's 1951 version of "Showboat." Lena Horne was bitterly disappointed not to get the part of "multi-racial" Julie LaVerne that was promised to her and which she was so well suited for but MGM was worried that their distributors in the South would freak out at the interracial love story. When they gave the part to Horne's good friend Ava Gardner, Lena helped her learn the song (very much in her own style) and it was recorded for the film. Then the stupid MGM executives thought they needed a more "professional" voice and had singer Annette Warren dub the vocal track. Gardner's original version was released a few years ago from the vaults.

my goodness Danny! I can't get over how much bigger he is! He looks great! I hope he continues to find his thumb as that is the best self soothing! I hope and pray that all continues to go well, Luv, Susie

I couldn't see anything it my Mac 0sx is only 10.3.9? I saw the Frank Sinatra video..but not this one...and i'm at my nyc connection via cable, not dial-up, Very frustrating but am happy to hear the comments on Charlie's growth and joyful thumb sucking. pu, pu , pu
Can't wait to see this...maybe in the public library, with earphones...they have new gates donated computers.
As someone who was hospitalized lots (but it was more toddler age) when your parents had strict visiting hours, i believe it's of utmost importance that you be there as much as you can. Makes me want to buy more lotto tickets just for you too. Hang in there. Our prayers continue.

Oh, that sweet little baby! Charlie's thumb-sucking must have just melted your heart (yet again) certainly melted mine! Thank you Danny for sharing your journey and your tiny little hero with all of us.

As always I wish you and your family the best. I really hope and pray that this is over and everything is good and normal for you very soon.

"But many a day an elevator door opens filled with sobbing family members whose personal anguish is palpable. There was a time when I would wait for another elevator but now I just walk in respectfully and position my body in such a way to give them the privacy they need."

That's beautiful.

I'm hoping that your boy is out of the hospital in August. I'd love to see a change in career for you.

Danny, I echo others' comments on how much bigger Charlie looks, and how great the thumb-sucking is. Bully for him! The music is soooo lovely. Thanks for finding it and for sharing all.

Fake Grandma

Hey, little cute Charlie!
Love, Hannah Freireich

The video is wonderful and so is Charlie.

He--and you and your family--are in my prayers.

God bless!


Danny & Kendall,

I love getting to know your son (and you better) through your creative, clever and heartfelt messages, videos and songs. I will see Jeff tomorrow night in Lowell, MA and I am eager to hear what he has to say about meeting

Oh my god

Hi Danny and Kendall and Leah: I've been following Charlie's story and the story of you and your family on your blog. Your entries could form the basis of a memoir that might interest some major publisher. When and if you have time and inclination, prepare a proposal, sample chapter or two, and an outline. Submit through reputable agent. Marc

The poignancy with that song is sharp. Man he's so cute.

He's precious! Those cheeks and his chubby hands are wonderful to see. I love photos and videos of Charlie. You're generous to share with us. Thank you.

I'll keep a good thought for your work situation. Thoughts and prayers will be with Charlie on Monday.

Dear Danny,
You're really a prize, the way you care so much, and insist on being an integral part of Charlie's struggle, loving him and willing his success each baby step of the way.
What a better world this would be if all fathers cared even half as much as you do.

Oh, he gets so excited when he discovers his fingers and then his thumb! A sense of achievement and reward!

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