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July 30, 2009


Danny, you're the best! What a great post. And look at how wide open Charlie's eyes are looking at his uncle Jeff. I think you need to get him to come back and visit - Charlie obviously loves Wilco!

Thanks for kvelling. Charlie looks fantastic, and I love reading about your relatives. Congratulations to Spencer for being honored! I hope "old-timer" Charlie gets his surgery soon so he can go home and meet his canine siblings.


He's sooooo cute!

Look at those little cheeks plumping up, I just want to go "nom, nom, nom" on them. LOL! You know I'm praying for all of you.

So of course your son would be an early reader--proves the point about high interest content. Love seeing him in baby clothes--so much moving forward...congratulations on an uneventful day.

This might be odd but have you thought about reading to him? Was thinking about you on my way home from work last night and thought maybe Charlie would like it?

Thanks for so many amazing videos and photos keeping us posted!

Look at that beautiful, chubby baby.

I've been getting a subscription to SPIN that I never ordered, and I usually tear off my address and leave it on the mailboxes for the young people to take. But this month I found out what it was all for!

And I just found the following on Twitter:

@InesPedrosa when I gas up at a Wilco station I like to pretend that a part of my money is going to Jeff Tweedy.

Love you guys so much!

Charlie's a well-rounded young man. I'm sure he'll enjoy his subscriptions to Ploughshares and the Paris Review as well. :-)

Superdawg...I think Bob and the kids were there on our most recent trip to Chicago. I had to work that day...but I still favor Weiner Circle. So Leah is about the show tunes. Its only fitting that Charlie will be about the rock n roll!

Danny, do you have some Wilco onesies put away for Charlie when he can fit into them? I got one for my niece a couple of years ago, and a t-shirt for her big sister. Well, see for yourself!

Charlie is beautiful. I am so happy that he's doing well and growing every day.

Your nephew Spencer got a little peeved at me on a Twitter post about going to Hot Doug's in Chicago and not Superdawg ... it was really funny to get a talking to by a 13 year old. I promise all in the extended Tweedy - Miller family to make a point of going to Superdawg very soon.

Nice to see that Charlie's reading about quality music, too!

Nice to see a definite happy write up here. Warms my heart.

super cute!!!

Thanks for the post - I "found" you a couple of weeks back and am keen for all the updates. Sounds like you had a gentle day yesterday - I wish for you many more of the same. Suggest Sun Magazine to Charlie, advertisement free, thoughtful writing, great photography also.
Mary in Canada

Great to hear the Tweedy family news. Cheers to Spencer on his success. I have a cousin Spencer, too, nice man, but not quite the same as Charlie's Spencer! Charlie looks great in his new outfit. He certainly has good taste in music reading.

Have more peaceful days ahead for you and yours, I hope.

I am glad to hear you in such good spirits! Chaim looks great. By the way, that was also my Dad's hebrew name. I wish for him the same intelligence, inherent good taste and good looks that my Dad had among the other wonderful traits that I am sure Charlie will have.

Lots of love to all, Julie

Yay, Charlie is looking so good. Regular baby clothes! Loving the transfusion rosiness and the big dinners. Glad he is enjoying reading about his uncle and all the other members of his talented family.
Thinking of you and your family, especially your boys. Hope that things continue nice and uneventfully for you.

So cute!

Oh those chubby cheeks! It's such a joy to see Charlie looking so good. I wish you and your family a calm and happy weekend.

he looks great!!!!! starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?


I could just eat him up! I have a picture of Lily reading the newpaper at about 2 weeks. Speaking of Lily, she would be just perfect for Spencer, don't you think?

Love to the whole family,

The change we've seen in Charlie since we were first introduced is profound! You can really see his "babyness" now. What a beautiful, light and lovely post. What a nice day.

40cc?! That's fabulous!! I remembering being so excited when Lawson took 15cc! lol Go Charlie!! Rosy and well dressed! Love it!

Charlie looks so adorable in his big-boy sleeper.
How he's growing! And with those large feedings, it's no surprise.
I can't wait to read the joyous news that he's going home... I know it won't be much longer.
Good luck with the shunt surgery. I hope that puts the taps behind him for good.


These photos bring back such memories of my own NICU boy. I'm glad to see that pink-cheeked boy of yours doing so well.

Still keeping in touch with what's going on with Charlie, Danny. You and your entire family are still, and close to constantly, in my thoughts.

He looks amazing and so healthy. I love seeing him like that. I can't wait until you can all go home as a family.

Damn! Charlie's kicking ass! You all keep hanging in there, taking each day as it comes.

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