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July 01, 2009


Awww, he does have a cute little mouth! How great that Kendall is able to nurse. Thanks for another great video.


I found your blog quite randomly, but as a mother of two boys your beautifully written stories of Oliver and Charlie quickly drew me in, and I just wanted to send my anonymous stranger blessings and hope your way. May your beautiful Charlie soon be nursing to beat the band.

Dear Danny,

I see Marilyn hasn't read this blog yet. She will absolutely plotz when she does. I thought I remembered that Kendall was pumping. I'm so happy that she is soon going to be able to feed her baby. Looking forward to seeing the three of you soon.


Aww! He looks happy to have the feeding tube out of his mouth and is enjoying the freedom of his lips and tongue. Very sweet. His little fingers are so precious. I'm glad to see his sister and grandma are able to touch him now.

Keep on growing, little one.


It was heartwarming to see Charlie free from the feeding tube in his sweet little mouth. He is looking stronger with each passing day. You have all been in my thoughts these past months. Though I haven't commented lately, I have read each entry and looked at each video and prayed each day for the day you take sweet Charlie home with you and all of this is just a memory.

Love, Judy

Baby boy looks like he wants to break out of NICU and go home! :-)

So, he has two surgeries on the horizon?

I'm so glad Kendall gets to breast feed now. She must be so sore....but what a bonding experience.

He is precious! It looked like he had the hint of a smile on his face in a few places during the video. I will be thinking about you and Kendall and Charlie today and hoping that the meeting with the doctor goes well. Thanks for keeping us updated, we check your blog each day with hopes of more good news.

omg he is so cute! Wonderful to see him without tube and with Leah and Grandmother.
Missed seeing him the last couple days so thanks for posting again.

Thanks for another great video. Good to see Leah and Grandma able to interactive more closely with Charlie. And great that Kendall can nurse. Perfect song choice, too. Those smaller videos actually run more smoothly on my crappy home office DSL so no worries there!

Best wishes for more good news.

Oh gosh he's such a cutie. I just love him!

It may be postage-sized, but this video made me cry! (well, okay, so did some of the others...) He looks like such a mensch now! That mouth! Those fingers! Those chubby cheeks I just want to pinch (oy, I sound like somebody's bubbie!)Keep up the good work Charlie!

I'm so glad you can finally see Charlies whole beautiful face now. It's always so beautiful to see how much love you all give him everyday.

For some reason I can't see the video, but from reading these posts it sounds like Charlie is adorable! So glad to hear his tube is out. I'm sure he is loving Frank Sinatra....who doesn't! My cousin is the doctor who signed Franks DC back in 98.

Love the shot of brother and sister. Very touching. Charlie seems to understand he'll be the subject of many photo and video sessions to come. Oh well, bring it on, he says.

Love and prayers to all..

Fake Grandma

Damn it Danny, you made me cry again ..... what an extreme honor to have you dedicate Frank's song which was sung to Charlie. My name and Frank's in the same sentence, oy, I'm plotzing, but the most important name in this cast is Charlie, who is looking (and listening) better every day. Hope to see you three soon.

Thanks again for the honor.


I had to laugh about the NICU Fitness... I remember plodding along the hallway (not NICU, thankfully) when I was in labor with my first child, saline drip on a mobile cart trailing me, trying to get things moving. There will be time for fitness later, running after a toddler, God willing. Hang in there.

I just loved seeing Charlie's busy little mouth, precious tiny hand, and his sweet chubby cheeks! What a doll! I keep sending him wishes for good health, and I so admire your strength and devotion! I will rejoice for you and your family on the day, G-d willing, that you are able to take your beautiful baby boy home where he can be snuggled up with love (and music!) from his adoring family!

Hey Danny,
How about adding "High Hopes" to the iPod and singing it to Charlie?
We'll be in LA in about two weeks. Hope to see you then.
Hi to Kendall.

How about "The Best is Yet to Come" for little Charlie? Hang in there, Danny and Kendall.

Dear Danny,
Charlie is looking better and better. Even though it seems to be two steps forward/one step back, he's still making constant progress.

Dig up some of Frankie's earliest stuff. That golden voice and what he could do with a song !

Don't wait until you're 300 pounds. Pick up some healthy food (even if it's just a Subway sandwich) on your way to the hospital. And, walk, walk, walk. Don't stroll. Always walk like you're in a hurry to get there. Otherwise, Charlie will be visiting you in the ICU.

Friendly advice...

Dear Danny,
It is great to see Charlie growing stronger. I will continue to follow your posts...Hope you continue to have "ups" on the roller coaster.

Dear dm,
Just remember that rubber tree plant.
Here's to high hopes.
I look forward to exploring many musical themes through Charlie's long and happy life
(yes, I am spitting-Baruch Hashem.)

I can hardly believe it, i was able to play the whole video with my crappy country dial-up & I loved it...the perfect song...was he holding hands with his big sister or mom or grandma at the end? pu pu pu
wondrous boy, what are you thinking?
i send all of you love, and prayers for continued strength, and health.

Don't you wish you could give Charlie a fat transplant? : ) I know all about NICU and post-partum weight gain due to stress and lack of exercise.

This a time when every emotion is exposed and nerves get rubbed raw. No, you'll never be quite the same, but you will find a comfortable place emotionally eventually, and you'll have more compassion for others suffering than you ever did before.

Dear Danny -

I first started reading your blog when I was looking up a film reference. Now I'm worried every day you don't post! There's one of those Solomon interviews in the NYTimes with your brother in law today - I was annoyed the interviewer didn't ask about Charlie! The interview was charming nonetheless.


Your posts are, as always, so charming and hopeful. It occurred to me today (I'm kind of slow like that)that Charlie should still be in his mother's tummy.
He is amazing and really looks like a beautiful baby. The world is now filled with his fans.
He will never be lonely thanks to you opening up and sharing your story with the world.
I hope you are well in this week of many passings, someday you will write of them, I hope.

As a NICU nurse, I feel compelled to tell you that we ride that roller coaster with you through the ups and downs of all of our babies. Each death hits us hard. Each success strengthens our resolve to work where we do. Just know that even though we may be laughing at times that you may not think it appropriate, our hearts are breaking with each and every family when things go wrong. Sometimes we just do what we can to get through it. May Charlie continue to have more ups than downs.

I absolutely relate to the hypochondria...I have that physical empathy to a ridiculous degree as well. I love that Charlie can start nursing once a day- the chemical reactions a baby might have to that are not all known, but what is known is so positive.

Best wishes to baby Charlie: Here in the mountains of Southeastern KY we do not say Jew Eat Yet. We say "Gee et yit" all in one word.

Etta Mullins
from the beautiful mountains of Whitley County, KY right on the Tennessee line.

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