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June 08, 2009


Charlie is so cute, Danny. He is perfect.

That must have felt like a bit of heaven! You both look extremely happy. I can't wait until you & Kendall can do this at home, whenever you want. . .and I pray that day is very soon!

Danny --

He's beautiful. Hate to say it, but he looks like his dad!

I bet Kendall is champing (chomping?) at the bit for her turn. Please show us some pictures of that tomorrow.


Oh dear, sooo cute! And yes, he does look very much like his daddy! That video, and the joy I imagined you feeling as you held your son, melted my heart.

G-d bless!!

You haven't aged, Danny. You're both beautiful! Too much for my inadequate words.

I'm just catching up after about a week away from this blog: Holy Cow! Charlie looks great! Big (relatively), pink, healthy, active and alert. It's wonderful.

I'm glad to read that you guys are able to get the skin contact with Charlie and that it appears you are holding him more often. That must feel so good. And in this last video you look, dare I say it, well rested, relaxed and happy!

The video made me cry! I am so happy that he's growing up, Danny. What a little sweetheart. I saw an article in People (embarrassing, yes, I read People) about preemies who are now 18 years old, and there were some huge strapping young men in the photo. That's Charlie in 18 years! What a brave little fighter.

Oh I want to kiss his bekelach. My 5 year old, Rachel just asked me why I'm crying at my computer. How do you explain how overwhelming it is to hold their tiny bodies right next to you heart? One would think that after 5 babies of mine own, and all the other births I've attended that one would become inured to the effect. Not me, I sob every time. And so, I'm sobbing now.

Chazal tell us that a mother should nurse her baby for the first time on the left, the side that is closest to the heart. Our Rabbis knew, even before NICU doctors and La Leche League how important it is to hold our babies close to our hearts.

Hold him close Danny, hold him close.

Congratulations on meeting another milestone. How wonderful you got to hold him so close. May you have many more days like this come.

Re: the Tony Awards. I thought it was just me but I see you agree the sound system was awful. Sometimes it sounded like I was hearing one person's mike instead of the entire group singing. I was also somewhat disappointed in Neil Patrick Harris as a host, although I'm a fan of his, generally.

You've topped yourself with this video. How great to see Charlie unencumbered. Your joy is evident. I'm sure Kendall will have as good a time as you did. And no, I am not the least bit surprised that Kendall is the best mom in the world. I'll gladly relinquish that role for Charlie's sake.



Your chronicle of Charlie's life in words, pictures and videos has been among the most moving, touching and life affirming things I've ever seen. Your observations, thoughts, feelings and perspective are a joy to read. Martie, Sonny and I are wishing you, Charlie and Kendall all our best. We hope to see you and the whole healthy family soon.
With love, Kevin, Martie & Sonny

That's so great. There's nothing like that skin on skin contact...For both of you.

You both look sooo happy. Johnny says he is mini-Danny.

charlie looks so great, and what a great moment to see him so content on his daddy's chest. you have the best posts and look forward to reading everyday to see how charlie is growing. he is a little clone of you. wishing you and kendall the best

Congratulations on the latest milestone, Danny, Kendall, Leah, & Charlie. It's been a long time comin' and couldn't happen to a nice crew. May Charlie have many more days of skin-to-skin contact as the days go by until you take him home with you for good.

BTW, put "Séraphine" on your list of films to see in DVD while Charlie sleeps close by.


Beautiful, Danny, just beautiful.

Danny you really don't look too bad yourself--you had me worried when you warned us. I'm sneaking a look at this while in a meeting...sweetness.

forget about look positively beatific, Danny! I am sure that all of those vibes just poured right into little Charlie's tender skin.

xoxoxoxo to all,

Dear Danny,

I'm probably the last guy that anyone would call a "baby person". To me, there's nothing more boring than hundred's of pictures of somebody's new baby, every picture exactly alike.

But, Charlie is different. His is a highly emotional story, a struggle for life against impossible odds, every little bit of progress, a major achievement. It's a real page turner, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Hey, Father's Day is coming up. You deserve a prize for the way Leah turned out. How you going to top that, with Charlie ?

Danny, You and Charlie both look fabulous and in love. There were tears streaming down my cheeks to watch the two of you. I am happy that Kendall will have this chance today and I think Alexis will get to see you all at it as well. What a long way! All my love, AJ

Hi Danny,

I always knew you are a sexy guy (don't worry, Kendall) but after seeing your Charlie on your chest, that confirms it! What a pair .... two hunks!


Wonderful. What a milestone.

What a beautiful baby. I include all of you in my prayers each day.
Stellasue Lee

That is the swewetest video I've ever seen...So very very dear....And you are BEAMING, Danny, as well you might be....One really gets the sense of how tiny dear little Charlie is....!

As to whether you will bring Kendall up on stage with you when you win your Tony...Well, just remember, you were NEVER going to have this blog become a Daddy, I found it very noving that he not only brought her up with her but was so touched by the whole enterprise..... that was pitiful.

THIS VIDEO You shared with us is absolutely precious, beyond words....I hope we get to see Kendall too...! Charlie has made such fantastic strides....It is most touching!

That was so beautiful. I wish your family and Charlie the best. He's such a cute baby!

Wow, so precious and sweet and adorably dear, you two are just like:peas in a pod, banana in a peel, pb and j. on toast, cheese and crackers, wine and dark chocolate, goose down comforter and flannel sheets in winter, tulips and daffodils in spring, danny and charlie, dreamy lovely father and son!

Weeping tears of joy at this sight! You're both beautiful just as you are.

There will always be a special bond between you and him because you nourished him in such a primal way.

Today for the first time, Charlie has totally lost his chicken look. Micro preemies, at leas to me, look like plucked chickens. My daughter especially. But he's plumping up and looking healthier and contented and so gorgeous. I'm madly in love.

Kangaroo care - what an amazing experience!! I remeber holding my little twins against my chest and feeling pure bliss.
Sounds like things are going well for your son. Such good news.

This is awesome!

I love Charlie so much.
I can NOT stop crying over this one.

Wow. I cried like everyone else at this video. Thank you so much for the updates. I think they really help to remind us all of the dramas that occur while we're all living our lives. The beauty is that there are triumphs(!) and so much love in the "little" details of Charlie's life that it humbles us all.

My heart feels split wide open seeing you two. I cannot wait to give you a hug in person.

As I sit here in Philadelphia in a faceless hotel room drinking a Starbucks I am reminded that it is the touch of a loved one that is all that matters-- for strength, for healing, for love.

Thank you for continuing to share this journey with all of us who are sending out our love and light. every day.


This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time! He is precious. Thank you for sharing your journey and showing everyone what an amazing gift life is.

OOps,i put my comment to this post on a previous post. No one could have a dry eye while watching this video. Prayers continue for your family.

Just wanted to say that Charlie is perfect. So nice to see him without all his "equipment".

Great video - I was in tears watching you practice kangaroo care...I remember doing that just a few short weeks ago with my daughter. There isn't a better feeling than your baby lying on your chest. All the little wiggles and sounds...

Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you nothing but the best and I know that you will be home soon!

I'm having trouble seeing through my tears. What a beautiful look of happiness.

I'm glad you wrote what you wrote about people posting optimistic comments. I'd rather not post a comment if I'm feeling that I just can't join the optimism train. Especially since one other blog I read is by the mother of with grade IV bleeds who didn't survive past 6 weeks. It would feel almost hypocritical to offer condolences to her, but naive optimism to you. But, there is certainly no harm in hope, and in guarded optimism.
I've always been fascinated with the Kangaroo care. I'm a huge believer in babywearing, and it surprises me that many don't know about kangaroo care, or don't continue babywearing once out of the NICU. There's nothing like having a wee one snuggled up on your chest to heal just about any hurt. I miss babywearing so much now that my last baby is over 35lbs.
Charlie is adorable and I really do hope all turns out as well as it can :)

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