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June 05, 2009


Oh Danny, that is the sweetest picture of you and your beautiful son. I hope that he continues to grow stronger everyday!!! I will keep sending good thoughts...Take care of yourselves!


Okay, crying now. Just read your post to my mother and Mindy. We're all crying. And sending you all love.

This made my day. I am praying for little Charlie.

Oh, those teeny tiny feet got to me. I think one day, Charlie may be singing "I'm watchin' Sis go pitterpat, said,I can do that,I can do that. . .".

How wonderful it must have felt for you and Kendall to finally be able to hold your son. I hope not another day goes by where you're unable to do that.

Mazel Tov, Charlie! Keep growing, beautiful boy!

The kid's a "Schtarker"! Keep up the good work, Charlie...!

Wait--is that his thumb in his mouth? Amazing. And on CPAP too--no more intubation. Wow.

thinking of you all with love, dear danny!

Oh, Danny! How beautiful! sending love to you C&K

Wow wow wow! You guys holding him is the most rewarding, lovelytthing I have seen in a long time. Mazel tov. Thinking of you guys. Looking forward to seeing you three soon.
xx Amy

Baby Mayan, and the Kude Zoo send you all our love beautiful mommy, daddy, and baby Charlie

I cried too.

What a wonderful sight
He's no longer a mite
And your face is alight
with the love --
speaking of --

(chorus) CHARLIE!

-- we all need to be writing "Charlie," the musical!

Beautiful. That perfect little foot is so cute. It is nice to see you holding him and smiling. Hugs all around.

Dear Danny and Kendall,

It was magical seeing your faces holding Charlie .... he looks like he heard and understood every word of "It Only Takes a Moment" .... keep singing.


Danny and Kendall~

You captured the moment in each of your wonderful photos with Charlie.
Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Did I ever tell you that I was born at Cedars of Lebanon before it became Cedars-Sinai?

Love to you all~


Absolutely amazing! You guys must have been over the moon. What a special little guy : ) Being held will no doubt help him as well...

Sometimes, I don't turn on the computer on Saturdays, trying to find one day (Shabbat) to stay away. But something drew me to my baby mac this morning and now I know why.

God pulls all of your friends and loved ones to this site so we can share in your emotions. Then, our prayers for little Charlie are so loud they threaten to waken the rest of the sleeping babies.

In gratitude...

Fake Grandma

How wonderful that you both got to hold your son for the first time this week. And to hear his namesake Charles singing again on the eve of this year's Tony Awards. Yes, I remember Charles' Broadway career. Hard to believe both he and Brett have been gone for about two years already. They are missed.

So Charlie is around 3 pounds now! Terrific. He is getting stronger every day it seems.

All the best.

present moment, wonderful moment, living in the moment just holding him in and breathing him in, what a treasure of bliss!

I will never forget Leah in her gorgeous red gown walking down to the microphone center stage to sing "It Only Takes a Moment." In that moment (and in every other I might add) she was the most glorious girl singer who ever sang. And now to hear Charles's and Eileen's voices so young and strong... all I was trying to do was pump and read your blog and now I'm sobbing, Baby. What a day. When Charles was first put into my arms, I'm not making it up when I say he started smiling and even laughing! and you know I'm not making it up when I say that's exactly what I started doing. We spent twelve minutes like that, then he went right to sleep and slept soundly for the next hour and a half. What a day.

It's so wonderful!!

It's transcontinental tears time! I am thrilled for you, Mom and Dad, and for Baby Charlie. What a welcome lullaby. I send Charlie very gentle hugs from NYC and can't wait until he comes to visit one day.

Much love to you all,

Kvelling now. Sniff. So sweet!

I just found your blog and really love your direct writing. I'll be visiting. I'm glad to have found you, and will keep your Charlie in my prayers.

Danny, it's nice to share your special time with Charlie. The pictures and the video make me feel like I'm there with you. And what a song. Perfect.

It's nice to hear from "your wife" (hi, Kendall!). The 12 minutes of laughing and the long nap--Charlie does take after his mom!



More wonder and wonderful days.
I love reading this and look forward to each and every post.
Stronger and stronger.

Oh Danny.

Just noticed in my toolbar, your blog shows up as: it only takes a mom......
Great to see Kendall (and you) holding Charlie and Charlie being held by you.

Damn it Danny,
Now, you've got me blubbering all over my lap top.

AWESOME!!! So heartening to see this.

Such a fitting soundtrack for your day...!
Beautiful video...that little foot continually peeking out to make contact. Keep making contact.

Amazing! wonderful!The best feeling in the world!

I've been having a hard time commenting because each post makes me sob harder than the one before and brings back such painful memories of my own daughter in such a similar situation. I wish I could send her to you now, at almost 17, still small but those ventricular bleeds, level 4 bleeds, they did so little damage compared to what might have been despite all the dire warnings. Enlarged ventricles. They mean nothing anymore.

Charlie is so beautiful and with every day he gets stronger and more of who he will eventually grow up to be. Those feet will run races one day.

Just so very beautiful

These pictures make me oh, so happy.

Danny, you and Kendall and Leah and Charlie have been in my thoughts and prayers. I hadn't had time to check your blog in awhile so there was a lot to take in yesterday. But this was a great post to read.

I'm so glad that you and your wife got to hold your precious son, Charlie Oliver. He is beautiful. Glad that he is doing so well and getting so big.

Your story is very similar to my family's. I also had twin girls, weighing under 2lbs each, and sadly one of my daughters did not survive. I am so terribly sorry that you lost Oliver. I am so terribly sorry that your family is on that awful NICU rollercoaster. It is such a tough journey. And the pumping, my word.

Hope you get more hugs with Charlie soon. They'll keep you both going. xx

He is SO cute and you both look so happy! It's wonderful to see this.

Maybe I will see you at the Wiltern later this month.

How wonderful for you both - I'm sure being held by two people who are so full of love will help Charlie to grow stronger and stronger!

I loved seeing you actually holding your son. How beautiful.

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