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June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to a man whom I have never had the privilege of meeting, yet I am utterly convinced embodies the very meaning of the word "Father" at its best.

Sending warm wishes for joy to you, Kendall and Leah, and heartfelt wishes for strength and healing to your precious little Charlie.


What a fabulous video! Poignant, loving, adorable, and humorous!
What a guy you are, Danny! What a family you are blessed to have! Congratulations on your Father's Day! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us.

I was thinking about you yesterday and am glad that you had such a nice family visit with support from your Chicago family, too.

He's getting so big! I love it when his eyes are open. So cute. I'm so glad you had a good day. Happy Belated Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day. Your children are super lucky to have you as a dad.

So much love in these videos - a privilege to be able to share in these. Tell Sue she looks particularly darling in these shots.


Happy Father's Day! Your son is less than 2 two months old, and you have already been to hell and back with him. Your devotion to him is without equal.

You are a great father, and, with all he is going through, Charlie is lucky that he has you as his dad.

Best wishes, from one dad to another.


I spit three times in your honor.

Happy Father's Day or belatedly so.

Charlie's adorable, and so are you. Glad you had a good Father's Day, Danny.

I'll be looking for you!

I literally spit three times. :)

Happy Father's Day, Danny.
Wishing you a lifetime of Father's Days ahead, spent with both Leah and Charlie. My thoughts were with you, Kendall, and the kids, including Oliver, yesterday. I'm so cheered to read that the rollercoaster behaved and pray that trend continues.

Hugging you virtually,

May you be blessed to truly celebrate many more happy Father's Days in the coming years.

That baby loves to grip you, huh? Just doesn't want to let you go!

You all looked so great in the video! Happy Father's Day, my friend, and thank you for keeping us up-to-date on both the highs and lows. If it's therapy for you, so much the better.

Happy Belated Father's Day!
This morning, these words popped into my head on the way to the subway..."Charlie says, love my good and plenty. Charlie says, nothing tastes so swell. Charlie says, love my good and plenty,???there's no other...??? and then i forgot the must know them though? Sing it to Charlie one day for me ,please. I love the idea of a virtual hug. I send hugs to your family and everyone who writes their comments. Danny, just Write on. I'll read on. Thanks.

I don't know you or Charlie but found your blog recently, have been following for a week, have never spit 3 times but did today for you and yours,
Happy Father's Day
KAP Seattle

Happy Father's Day! The love and commitment you give your children is beautiful.

I'm glad you had a good father's day and are spending time with your Chicago family. I love the new video.


Danny, I was happy to read that you had a special Fathers Day yesterday.I also spent the day with my sister at my dads house in the old neighborhood and was thinking about you. Scott saw Sheila Linderman recently and he was asking about you. Charlie looks very active and seems to be getting better every time you post these great videos. Keep em' coming. Alan

He's a teeny tiny bundle of wonder...and I swear he was making drummer hands there for a minute. Maybe now that Wilco's visiting, he's going from a love of jazz to rock and roll. :-)

These videos always make my heart soar. I love him so much and I heven't even met him. I can only imagine the love he'll inspire as he continues to grow.

It looks as if he's come though that terrible week even stronger. He looks like a baby! (He also looks like Kendall as well as you!) He moves like a baby! He opens his eyes and looks at you! He holds your hand!

Wow. What a great video. Charlie looks so big and strong. Pretty soon he'll be arm wrestling you. (My money's on Charlie, no offense, Danny) Love you guys.

hi danny - i found your blog through "the spohrs are multiplying" - i am so so so very sorry for your loss. i am thinking of you and sending all my positive thoughts to your beautiful little charlie. so many hugs to you and your family.

I clicked over here from Heather's blog because I went to Wilco on Monday night (My husband's and my favorite band). I'd never read your blog before and I'm heartbroken over what you're dealing with but so many things you said were what I needed to hear today. Acceptance has been my main obsession as of late (although obsession and acceptance don't really go together do they?). I'm pulling for your sweet Charlie.

Mazel Tov! I can't imagine the joy in your hearts. Just looking at you and Kendall's face as you take him home is mind blowing.

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