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June 07, 2009


She's going to be the best big sister, ever. :-)

fantastic leah miss all of you very much charlie is definitely longer stronger and healthier. give big kisses to kendall, charlie and leah. love you jana

Thanks for posting another wonderful video. I hope this week goes well for all of you. Charlie looks stronger all the time and Leah is a lovely and thoughtful girl.

An early contender for Best Film of 2009...!

The tears are trickling down my cheeks.

Sweet and poignant post.

BRAVA, Leah! I can just imagine the lullabies you'll sing to your baby brother each night... the best of Broadway!

I have watched this video 11 times already.

If I have another baby in the next year (please if anyone in power is listening...) my oldest and the baby will be 15 years apart. Phew. Your daughter sounds marvelous. My son is 14 right now and it is a magical age for the spirit.

I am without words to convey what this video does to my heart. What a bunch of big love surrounds that courageous boy of yours.

Know that every time she gets to make a wish, Tess makes it for Charlie.

We love you. Every minute. Every day.

Hi Guys: I love being able to check in daily to see the ongoing story in the life of the wonderful Charlie Miller. He is going to love looking at all of this one day! Far more interesting than baby-on-bear-rug in every way!

And Leah! I last saw her when she was a little girl and look at that beautiful big sister now.

Lots of love to all,
Your NYC fan club

The tears are streaming down my face. What a touching video. You're a wonderful sister, Leah. That's the perfect song for the perfect boy.


And the award for best director, producer, and cinematographer of a short musical goes to...Danny Miller! It's nice to see Leah perform after all the rave reviews I've heard. She doesn't disappoint. Charlie holds his own as the most lovable baby in L.A. And Danny and Kendall are very convincing as the doting parents. I love that video!

Jeebus Danny, I should know better than to visit your blog at work. Now I have to go to a meeting with the sniffles.

Charlie is so precious. And Leah is a great kid. But she didn't raise herself so take a bow Danny Miller!!!!

This was by far the best musical number I have seen and I've seen them all on Broadway growing up in N.Y. from Oklahoma, Carousel, etc. The cast was terrific too .... real Tony material. Keep singing guys.



I never knew you "admired" me when we were kids. And now, I "long to be like you." As far as Leah goes, maybe an Uncle is more objective than a father (i.e. Our father!). So let me say Leah IS "one of the most brilliant, beautiful, compassionate people I know. Also one of the most talented."

One more thing Danny. I was supposed to the the video producer in the family, but your videos of Charlie et. al. are world class!

I can't wait to meet Charlie. Hopefully before his first musical!

I'm proud of and love your entire family unit. Keep the faith and the strength.

Love, your big brother

i am kvelling Danny! Your girl is AB FAB! I adored her instantly and can't wait to meet her! I am so excited as I finally got Kendall's book out of the library yesterday and am starting it this evening as I have just wrapped Carrie Fisher's memoir Wishful Drinking which is hilariously delightful and a must read if you haven't already! Luv, Your Bellingham Soul Sister, Susie

What a beautiful and touching video. It doesn't get any sweeter than that. God bless you all.

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