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June 15, 2009


Danny, you have every reason to kvell -- Leah was superb in that production. And baby Charlie...always wonderful to watch onscreen!

Great video montage, Danny! Next up I'd like to hear you sing a song from Mamma Mia: "Dancing Queen." Only for this blog you would sing "jew can dance/jew can jive" etc...

I must see Charlie soon! We'll give you a call this week. xx

Good news, holding strong. Fifty days hooray:)

I love the Andrews Sisters! I sang that same song to my Paddycake when he was born, and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy too.
Charlie is precious, I am praying for him everynight. Leah is adorable too! G-d Bless!

What a gorgeous picture of your family!

I loved this SOOOOOOOOO much! Charlie seems so much more alert, and did I detect a smile? And Leah is talented and beautiful. :-)

Please don't ever quit posting about your babies, and I promise I'll never call you a daddyblogger.

Happy 50 to Charlie, and congrats to Leah on her new production!

Danny, he is looking more and more like you - especially without his hat! So thrilled to meet him!

We love you, Charlie!

Danny, Charlie is looking more and more like you! Happy 50 days Charlie, and here's to many more happy and healthy years ahead! Leah is adorable! I can see why you and Kendall are so proud of both!!! They are lucky to have you as a mom and dad. Have a great week with your family. Say hi to Sue for me!!

Those photos are just... glorious.

How wonderful to see Charlie with the whole family. He doesn't look a day over 49!

I enjoyed Leah & the cast of Mamma Mia. Much better than the original.


Charlie smiled! And he has HAIR! Omigod!

A.A. (or as my niece Rachel used to call me: Ant Ant)

Yay! On phone hard to type. But yay!

Happy 50-days to Charlie. Thanks for another great video and enjoy your family visit this week!

It means you're the fairest in the land. How appropriate.

Fake Grandma

I wanted to pokie ont he big toe, too. So sweet!
Mama Mia or the Pollution show...Mama Mia or the Pollution show...hmmm, tough call!
Love to you and thanks so much for the pic!

I must tell you everytime I click on my "Jew Eat Yet", silently; I can hear "Anticipation" with Carly simon as I wait for this slow Dell computer to show me whether this is an old blog or new entry.
How lovely to see you three. A big five oh... Now I have to wait to see the video when I go home after work.

Happy! His cheeks are getting so round.


Good luck. I wish the best of health for Charlie and your family.

Wow, Charlie looks good. That skin is healthy! I'm all weepy...

Congrats on your first 50 days, Charlie. I can't wait until you come home to your amazing and loving.

Great news! I'm thrilled to hear things are still going well (bumps in the road notwithstanding). I hope things keep moving in that direction. All my best to you and yours!

he's so beautiful! and love the sweet smile.

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