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June 01, 2009


Brava to Betty on her 90th b'day. That is a wonderful montage, and I'm so glad that you and Kendall got to celebrate Betty's memorable b'day.

It's always a pleasure to read Naomi's "LADIES WHO LUNCH" and I enjoyed reading about Betty's latest birthday lunch among her good friends in the Hills.

The depth and breadth of your knowledge continue to amaze me. You and Kendall were made for each other. Thank you for another informative and entertaining post. And go Charlie!


Thanks for this interesting post. I mostly remember Betty from her role on All in the Family. Only later did I learn about the rest of her career. I'm glad you got to take time out to celebrate Betty's special day. I'll have to read her book some time.

What a wonderful tribute. I loved watching the montage of her life. So glad you got to spend some more time with this great artist.

God, how I love your tributes. This was so sweet. I bet Charlie loved his serenade.

Dear Danny,
My Ex is a member of the Gay Men's Chorus Los Angeles. A couple of years ago, I was down in LA to see their Christmas show. After the show, my Ex and I were in the lobby waiting for someone he knew to exit the theater, when I frantically elbowed my Ex in the side, whispering loudly, "There's Celeste Holm !! He gave me a withering look, and said, "No, that's Betty Garrett" (who had been in the audience). LOL. But, I was just as thrilled to see her.

I send a spell of good wishes, to guarantee our Charlie's successful surgery, whenever it may occur.

Thank you so much for that comment! This is Maddy her granddaughter and i cant tell you how thankful i am for that comment! :)

-best wishes!

A little help, please!

I host a weekly big band program on our
local NPR station (WYPR) in Baltimore.
A listener is seeking the title of a song
sung by Betty Garrett. The only clue she
gave me is: here comes the love song/here
comes the ballad. Sound familiar? Love to
hear from you.
Ken Jackson
In The Mood
WYPR 88.1

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