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May 25, 2009


He looks like he's growing, and he looks like his daddy! I'm so happy you posted this today, Danny. I believe all of the prayers are working. :-)

We loved Star Trek too. Us Iowans got a laugh about the gaping ravines that will someday exist in future Iowa. I hear Uhura will be at Trek Fest in Riverside this Summer. I'm going to try and go for sure this year.

He looks a lot bigger and sturdier. keep rocking Charlie!!!!

It was nice to see video of Charlie. I can't tell if he's a Vulcan, but you never know.... I've never been a fan of Star Trek, but your mini-review piqued my interest. I'm glad you were able to get out to the movies.


Danny, Larry and I loved, loved the Star Trek movie!! We're going to see it again when we get back home from Chicago. Oh, I got a picture of Wolfie's for you if you want to see what it looks like now. (Larry's idea, lol don't blame me.) Blowing kissed to Charlie.



I'm glad to see Charlie is looking better and bigger. Hang in there, little guy!

Nice to see another video of Charlie. He looks better every day. Glad you got out to the movies for a little break. Have a good week.

I think he is mostly definitley a Vulcan. he has that ET look and vibe! He is looking bigger and healthier! Our prayers seem to be manifesting Danny! Go Charlie Go!

Danny, I went to YouTube and found both Videos....They are sooooo very very sweet....I love that you are documenting dear Charlie's progess for you all, but, for us, too....!
Great idea about a reading of "FATHER'S DAY".....I hope it Happens. I saw all the incarnations of this WONDERFUL play by Oliver, and it is time for a revival or something....!

Great to see these videos last night at home. He's getting bigger and does look vulcanish but also just like you at the same time. I love the fact that you sing to him so much. I'm sure that's also very comforting to him. It's probably the best part of his day. Thinking of Chaim Charlie and Kendall in prayers, and sing out Danny.

He looks so much bigger! And he really does look like you a great deal. Continued wishes for his improving health.

Hi Danny
at last we see your boy. Could have done without the star trek thing but.
Good luck and we are all watching from aussie


This is usually accompanied by a plunging heart rate as nurses and doctors move in to adjust oxygen levels and bring him back up.

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