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May 27, 2009


Our "twinnish-ness" continues... I don't do rollercoasters. EVER. I've always said it's like paying for an anxiety attack, which I really don't understand the appeal of. Luckily, my lovely wife is the "ride parent." Sending love to that cute little baby and his parents...

Jazz hands, Charlie, jazz hands!

And yes, Danny, rollercoasters are dreadful & I can't even imagine the one you're on right now. From a distance, though, I see Charlie & all I see is a baby that can't wait to come home and have mom & dad rock him to sleep every night for the next several years.

Wow, Danny, he broke 2 pounds and he LOOKS so mucg bigger, stronger, and more active he's almost unrecognizable as the same baby; he almost looks plump by comparison! He appears to be eating, too . . . or maybe just champing at the bit to go home. Remember what Ruth Anne said about the brain bleeds. Continue to cherish him and pour life into him through your hands and voice. Do you play music for him? All our thoughts and prayers.

It's good to hear that things are improving. Soon your life will be like the roller coaster at Kiddieland.

Good that Charlie is gaining weight. He looks better in each video and picture. Keep your "seat belt" on and take care!

Just sending thanks for including us, Danny.

Were you talking about Hades in the Dells? I get an anxiety attack just watching my children go on that ride.....

Yes, that's it, Cleo, at the Mt. Olympus amusement park. Perfect name because that ride was built by the devil!

I swear to G-d, Charlie waved to the camera at second 33 of the video. You've got a film buff on your hands. And you will watch many movies with him...over and over and over and over....

Charlie is adorable, and the soundtrack is perfect, for now. I hope he's able to add his own soundtrack soon.


chase just asked it that was kendall singing to charlie.....and i'm w/ ya danny who needs a roller coaster! yuck!

Yeah, all that incessant beeping would be a trial for a zen buddhist monk. I remember.

Two pounds! Atta boy. That's a milestone.

So much love.

If Charlie could talk right now, I think he would ask for a binky.

There was a freak show at Riverview, wasn't there? I almost started to think that I'd just imagined it. I rode on the Bobs once and that was enough for me.

I wouldn't wish this stress on anyone. I really do hope all ends well here.

Not to bother you, but you said "pre-digested formula"? How does that work?

Ooooo...rollercoasters! The old wooden one at Pacific Ocean Park in Santa Monica was really scary too. It used to extend out over the water! No thanks. FYI - The last episode of "The Fugitive" with David Janssen was filmed in the closed P.O.P. It looked REALLY scary then!

Charlie looks like he's sooo trying to sing along with Ms. Doris!

I'm with you on hating roller coasters. I hate drama and up and down. I'm definitely a slow and steady girl. I hope everything evens out for you guys and that Charlie keeps gaining weight and chugging along.

One day soon (please God), the roller coaster will deliciously reduce its speed, your heart beats will slow, you will unclasp the seat belt, and you will all step confidently off the ride. Babe in your arms as you head for home.


Wow, Charlie has plumped up! He is looking good!

Did you see the People article on grown-up Micro-preemies? They all turned out actual size.

Keep those miracles coming!

Sending love!

Thanks, all, for your wonderful comments. About the "pre-digested" formula, it does evoke those images of mama birds chewing up the food and then spitting it into their little ones' mouths! To the best of my understanding, Charlie's developing digestive system can't take the full work of breaking down the proteins in milk or formula so those proteins are "predigested" or hydrolyzed.

Charlie's increase in weight shows ..... poo, poo, poo. You know what that means, Danny.


Danny, your movies are amazing and I feel as though I'm there...can't wait to really see you and hold that baby cause I know he's going to make it. Thank you for sharing your, cousin Esther xoxoxo

been following your blog, and charlie really looks so nice and round! what a beautiful site to see. he even looked like he was waving while doris day was singing to him. i only wish you and kendall many more ups on this roller coaster then downs and that it winds up being being like the choo-choo (charlie) train ride at kiddieland! nice and mellow.
much love

He really does look bigger. Go Charlie.


Wow! His little tiny hands are so gorgeous, fluttering about artfully! I detest roller coasters danny, much prefer the merry- go 'round, my fave being the one in golden gate park! charlie is soooooo cute! may he have many lovely merry go round rides as he grows up! luv, susie

Oh. My. God. Was searching for one of my own blogs, felt like writing, haven't in ages, and thought it was typepad, searched my gmail, came to a comment I left here over a year ago. Was wondering if you blogged on your Mum's birthday this year so.....

You and your family have been through so much the past month. I can't believe this. My thoughts and prayers are with little Charlie and the rest of you.

And to Oliver... Godspeed Little One, Sweet Dreams Little One (Dixie Chicks)

You have many psychic connections, you know. Or perhaps opening up as you do with your writing creates connections with others who are open in some way... In high school (back in 1981, junior year) I was Mrs. Bedwin in our production of "Oliver". I sang to little Oliver in that production.

I'll check back. Blessings to you and yours.


I am terrified of rollercoasters but as the song says "Life is rollercoaster, just gotta ride it".

Charlie looks bigger and cuter in every new video!

checkin out your news Danny
Great vid of charlie singing and dancing his little feet.

My son was a preemie but a giant compared to Charlie and Oliver. Even though his life was never really in danger in the NICU, I remember bending between joy and despair, learning quickly that progress would not come steadily but in a disconcerting series of jumps and setbacks that God willing would lead to gains.

Cool story: I met one of my best friends when our firstborn sons were both in the NICU, both preemies. We discovered we lived in the same neighborhood and had so much in common. The amazing thing? Our boys, kept in adjacent isolettes, grew up to be good friends too. They will both turn 14 in September!

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