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May 22, 2009


Awwww....he's so cute! Danny! He looks just like you with his red hair and pinky skin! Of course he'll be a good singer. How could he not? Thanks for the video!

I'm so glad he's doing well! My thoughts are with all of you.

What a handsome boy! Can't wait to see him in the role...

Terrific update. I'll be around at CSMC this week (T/Th/Fri)and would be happy to stop by.

What a little ham! I wonder who he takes after??? I loved his debut and the next show you serenade him with, make it "Chorus Line". I know Charlie will love it. Keep singing, Danny.


He looks fantastic! Such a change since my viewing of him all of 2 weeks ago. Keep 'em coming! We love and miss you all!

My mom and I just watched the video. We were both amazed by his improvement. Thinking of all of you and wishing for the best.

Unfortuneatly I cannot seee videos--If there is a LINK at YouTube...PLEASE send it to me, Danny...(Grrr--STILL no one can figure out my "video" Problem....)
I am so happy to hear of little Charlie's progress....And I LOVE that you are singing ALL those fabulous Musicals to him...!

Danny, Charlie is absolutely adorable and looks like he is quite the fighter. So happy to hear that things are improving. Thanks for the update.

Take care,

Beautiful! Keeping Charlie in our prayers~

He is looking quite robust, I must say. And he DOES look like you!

John says he looks like Shari!

I think he winked at me. I winked back.


"Is there NO PLACE to escape the paparazzi?"
Indeed he does look ready for his close up!

I am just now catching up on my "online life" & was saddened to learn of the early birth of your sons & Oliver's death. Strange to be giving congratulations & condolances in the same breath, but I continue to pray for your family - that you can all bear the grief of loss & of worry, and celebrate the moments as they happen, with unrestrained joy.

As I read your blogs in sequence, it's heartening to read of Charlie's progress, your increasing resolve, Leah's spontaneous dancing & even Kendall's insistance on sharing her recent traumas & hospitalization. It shows a family of great strength and love, collectively & individually. I'm another who thanks you all for sharing these most intimate moments of your lives. I mourn your loss and celebrate the milestones with your family. Thank you for allowing us in.

Best wishes & many prayers,

Pegs. : )

Awwww. What a handsome guy. He is bound for fame and glory.

I agree with Marilyn. Charlie is one singular sensation.


Go Charlie. We are pulling for you!


I'm so happy Charlie is getting're being there and singing Music Man and Sound of Music is what is helping big time. Medical ingenuity is a big part...but so are your voices and your love he's hearing constantly...I know it'is making the difference.I felt that way when Wesley was there....comfort for Charlie will come from you being there and his hearing you a lot.

2 lbs!! He's on the up and up....He's pulled through surgery, which I know when Wesley was 1 lb 10 oz, was agonizing. Each day Charlie will get stronger. He will!!

I'm praying for you and thinking of you every day.

Cheryl and Wesley (born 2 lbs. 7 oz, but who is now 40 lbs and 4 years old)


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