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May 30, 2009


Awww....he's getting his jazz feet ready, too!

Happy Anniversary, Kendall and Danny!

Mazel Tov on your wedding anniversary, may Charlie be dancing at your future anniversary parties!

Thanks for letting us know about this happy occasion and allowing your fans and friends to wish you a wonderful day.


Happy anniversary, Danny and Kendall! I have great memories of your wedding.

I love the video and Steve and Eydie's accompaniment.


The tears are streaming down my face and my body is still racked by sobs from this post but still I can manage to correct one inaccurary—that's marriage, Baby! We didn't go to see Steve and Eydie on an anniversary—the fabulous Sands and its legendary showroom had long since been turned back into desert dust by the time we were married. We saw Steve and Eydie one Easter (is it coming back to you now?) when we had decided to be "just friends" though we did share a room at the Imperial Palace (surely it's coming back to you now!) but only because, to quote Mr. Lawrence, it was cheaper to sleep together! I think if I had to bet I would say it was Easter of 1992 as that might have been the only Easter that fell during our friendship attempt! Oh, Mr. Miller, we've been through thick and thin, all out and all in, and I truly wouldn't trade one horribly painful minute of it—or any of the deliriously happy ones either, like being on that bimah with
you. I can't believe it's already been five years. Baby, fifty is right around the corner, but the promised gold couldn't mean more to me than this year's wood, so polished is it by our tears and our desperate clinging to each other. I've never needed you more or loved you more. Happy anniversary.

Oh, of course, I stand corrected...except I'm willing to stake my life on the fact that it was the Desert Inn (another classic Vegas spot that had a date with the wrecker's ball) where we saw the wonderful Steve & Eydie (same bill with Don Rickles, no?), and not the Sands.

On our wooden anniversary, I will quote the ancient Chinese proverb, "Rotten wood cannot be carved." Or how about W.C. Fields' line, "The nation needs to return to the colonial way of life, when the wife was judged by the amount of wood she could split."

I love you!

Dear Danny and Kendall,

Happy Anniversary! I am farklempt from reading your posts. I was sorry to miss your wedding, but I'm happy to see at least 2 pictures from it. Couldn't get the video (or audio), though.

Charlie is looking like a regular little man now. His voice even sounds like Johnny Mercer's!

Love to all of you,


Happy Anniversary. May your love be the strongest cement, the most tender glue. Looking at these pictures, I know that it is.

Happy Anniversary. I found your blog via Roberta Lipp's blog via the Mad Men blog Basket of Kisses.

I am an autism Mom. My three girls have autism. But their births were easy and happy and joyous and wonderful. My heart goes out to you. And I'll pray for your little Charlie.


Dear Danny and Kendall,

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many more happy and HEALTHY years together. You have made it this far, and if you can get through this, you can get through anything.

Danny, you know me and Jeff have been through the ringer and we have been together for 30 years!! And no one said it would last!!! I don't know how we did it. I'm typing from my hospital bed....again, OY!

Charlie looks better and better. He is a handsome little man. Take care!

Kendall and Danny - Happy, Happy Anniversary and "Sto Lat" (a hundred years) to you both!!


Happy Anniversary, and I'm so glad little Charlie is doing well! I'm sure you know this, but in case you don't, Steve and Eydie are both "members of the tribe." I was really surprised to find out a few years ago that Steve was born Sidney Leibowitz in Brooklyn, and Eydie was born Edith Gormenzano in the Bronx, the daughter of Sephardic Jews (father from Sicily and mother from Turkey- thank you Wikipedia!)

All the best as you begin another year of married life together with your son who looks to be growing healthier with each passing day!

I wonder what Charlie is going to think of these videos 13 years from now? I'm sure he'll roll his eyes and won't be able to fathom how loved and wanted is he. But for now, these videos are to cute and It's so wonderful to watch Charlie grow and get deliciously chubby. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to you both! Charlie looks like he's getting bigger every day.

Every time I walk into the NICU, I touch this sign and kiss my hand as if it were a holy mezuzah.

I can't tell you what a kick my late husband would have gotten out of that idea. As far as he was concerned: Vegas, Catskills, Jerry Lewis, Steve & Eydie...all symbols as Jewish as a mezuzah right there and just as meaningful.

Happy Anniversary, my dear friends. I miss you and love you both! All good thoughts being sent your way.

Happy Anniversary Danny and Kendall and love from the whole Jacobvitz family--Michael, Laurie, Adam and Sarah.


Happy Anniversary Danny & Kendall!!! Little Charlie is looking beautiful and healthy.

Lotsa love, Jo

A very Happy Anniversary to you, dear Kendall & Danny....And many many more!

Happy Anniversary, you two. I'm so glad you found each other.

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