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May 31, 2009


MAZEL TOV, CHARLIE YOUR BOY!!! What wonderful news!! And thanks for another great video (love the little toe tap...). Lots of love to you all...


He looks mad to be disturbed from his slumber - like hey, what, I have to do this on my own now? He just hasn't yet experienced the joys of instant gratification, when a cry will bring comfort and love running to his side.

I cannot wait until you and Kendall are up at 3 a.m. rocking this beautiful boy back to sleep!

p.s. Forgive the videos? No way! I like to see him!


Oh he's so cute.

Wonderful to see this Danny...I beg you to give us the link to YouTube...
What an exciting day!

Wonderful news. May this week bring more good developments.

HOORAY! And the videos are wonderful... don't stop posting them.

Oh Danny! What a week. He looks so great.
I just heard that Colin Farrell was born 1lb 8oz (I think I heard it right).

What wonderful news! I can't wait to hear his little sounds.

I could watch him for hours. Great news! Charlie gave me my first smile of the day.

At work, all this lousy dell computer shows is a big blank spot. I'll have to wait til I get home later to see Charlie. I loved watching last friday's video and I saw it again and your choices of music too. Poo poo a thousand times, and knock on wood...hope you give the jewish mudra often. G-d bless Steve and Eydie!

Bit by bit, beep by beep, the machines retreat and the flesh takes over.

So divine, so thrilling. Big smiles for you all today.

Yeah! What a milestone! Good song choice too. Robert sleeps with cpap - sounds like Darth Vader - hope Charlie's keeping the force strong too...
Can't wait to hear some wailing!

Yashar, yashar kadimah. (straight, straight, forward) Thank G-d for small miracles and continuous baby steps.

Wonderful musical accompaniment by Eddie Cantor!

This is a very good day. Well done, Charlie. Well done, Kendall and Danny.

He's positively pink! Never will a parent have been so happy to hear a child cry, huh? I will be delighted to hear him wail.

Excellent news! So glad for your progress. Keeping you in our thoughts for more wonderful news!

Joy surfaces in the most innocent places. Charlie has made so many people's prayers come go Charlie...

FANTASTIC! What a gorgeous little boy. I am so pleased to see how he's plumping up. I couldn't be any happier for your family.


Very good news! Extremely happy to hear this. I wish more good things to come to you and your family and especially little Charlie.

Hooray for Charlie!

Each day, each step is a milestone. Thank you so much for sharing them. The videos are a WONDERFUL way to share his progress.
Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS ! !


Fantastic news!!!! Glad to hear things are still heading in the right direction.

I was crying before I even watched the video and am so thrilled with the news. It's a joyous day for all of us. Breathe, Charlie, breathe...

Hooray for Charlie and his mommy and daddy.


I follow your story each day and each video with more wonder at your strength and love. Stay strong and do NOT stop posting these wonderful milestones. I think about when Charlie is older and how he'll read this all with great fascination. Tell us about how your daugther is doing with all this...

My twins were preemies and stayed in the NICU for 3 very long months. Now they are strong, exuberant and healthy 6 year olds. Hang in there, this too shall pass.
Peace, Alexa

Wonderful news! It's a long way to get home, but this is a big step. Congratulations.

Do you know about the March of Dimes community for parents of preemies called Share Your Story? It's hugely supportive. You can connect with others who are or have gone through what you are. Visit the site:

I am so happy for Charlie and for your whole family! I don't now any of you but I think about you everyday and hope and pray for the best for all of you.

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