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May 14, 2009


I've been enjoying your blog for years - have never commented before, but your pictures of your precious little boy have moved me to do so. I'm so very sorry about Oliver, and I hope and pray that Charlie will be just fine and turn into an active little boy that you'll enjoy chasing around the house someday. He's just the sweetest-looking little guy, and I'm sending out some good thoughts and prayers for him.

How much I wish I could put a comfort hold around you and Kendall. It's so tough.

Day by day, closer to light and fresh air, for all of you.

I'm still amazed at your strength through all of this and how great you and Kendall are to each other. As always, I'm sending out as many positive thoughts and prayers to you guys as I can.

He's precious! I'm still sending good, strong, positive thoughts to Charlie, Kendall and yourself.

Rock on Charlie!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Danny, Kendall, Leah and Charlie: Thoughts for healing, good health and peace sent to you from us. Think of all the complexities that dwell within that tiny human being, already a universe in itself.
Love, Marc and Judy.

Came across your blog via Wilco web surfing , but turned into a regular reader because it's a great read! My sincerest condolences on the loss of your son Oliver and my hope for a strong and healthy growth and recovery for your son Charlie. Take care of yourself and hang in there. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family from around the world.

The desire to be a parent is unlike any other. For those of us who did not just decide one day to get pregnant and 9 months later deliver a healthy baby, it is even more overwhelming.

With all that you and Kendall have been through, I pray that Ha'Shem blesses Charlie with a long and healthy life. May his only battles be these early ones and may you be able to celebrate years of good health and happiness going forward.

I continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs and comfort holds to all.


I want to send the best wishes and thoughts I can to you and your family, Mr. Miller. May everything turn out well for Charlie.

I am still praying for you and your family. Little Charlie looks like he is a fighter!

Tricia Hicks

Did you see the story in the 5/18/09 People about the 'micro preemies'? Many are now in college, and some weighed less than 1 lb 10 oz. I hope that helps you see a future.

Cleo Gascoyne

Keep up the good work.

just. absolutely. beautiful. wonderful.

Sending out positive vibes to the family, and especially to Charlie.

I hope and pray that this difficult episode in your lives will have a "And they all lived happily after..." ending, Danny!

Been thinking about you guys today and even talking about you to a friend, who also wishes you well. Charlie is amazing and is really hanging in there! Still sending white light and looking forward to seeing future pictures of Charlie at one, two, three, four, twenty...

Hi Danny, Kendall, Leah and Baby Charlie, Just wanted to send some love and good vibes your way. I have been thinking about you and wishing for all good things for the baby. Hope you are taking good care of each other. All our love is sent your way...Julie, Michael and kiddos

Thanks for the further update and precious photos. You all remain in my thoughts.

Danny -- God bless you, Kendall, Leah, Charlie, and Oliver. You are all so strong, each in a different way. All a family, whether present or not. Every person, as Marc and Judy said, a universe. One more amazing universe has joined our dream-life.

Thank you for the frequent updates. We are thinking about you and Kendall and Leah and beautiful little Charlie all the time - you are never far from our thoughts. We hope you can feel all the support and good thoughts we continue to send your way. We are pulling for all of you. Stay strong.

I wish you and your family the best; you deserve it.

Awww Danny, I want to reach through my computer screen and give you a great big hug. Poor little Charlie, everyone's messing with him. I'm praying for him everyday.

I can feel him fighting from here, and I know that you and Kendall wish you could fight this battle for him. I am praying every day for his health, Danny.

I know a picture paints a thousand words but even so, I'm finding it hard to comprehend just how teeny tiny he is! So precious. That's some pretty awesome people who are looking after your gorgeous baby. What a fighter he is! I think you should keep that hat to show him when he is all grown up!

Danny, I'm so sorry and so glad at the same time. God bless and take care of tiny Charlie and his parents. Lots of love to you all.

Found your Blog through Spencer's Blog (which I found as a Wilco fan) and have enjoyed reading it. I have been thinking of you and little Charlie a lot. He's been blessed with a wonderful family - I'm not exactly the praying type but I have been thinking of him daily. Hang in there, all of you!

I hope and pray Charlie gets stronger everyday. My heart goes out to you and your family on your loss.

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