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May 18, 2009


G-d bless you, Danny, your beautiful children, and Kendall. Thank you for being so open and sharing this very challenging time in your life with your readers.

I was thinking as I read your words today that you have the spirit of the best kind of patriarch. How fortunate for your children that they will be able to grow up and see your family history, and their own, told with such tenderness and detail.

You are an amazing man, Danny Miller. Continued blessings to you, Kendall, Charlie, and Leah.

Mazal tov! You are all blessed!

A reminder of how we all draw strength and courage from those who came before us and from the Source of all goodness.

Blessings on your boys, wrapped in prayers and love.


Thoughts remain with all of you.

Wonderful names, Danny. I love that picture of you with your great grandfather. You were always such a cutie. Still thinking about you and your family everyday.From my family to yours:

We'd risk life and limb
To keep you in the swim
Yes we'd do anything
Anything for you

You are an amazing man, Danny, and I applaud your great sense of, and respect for tradition. I keep on checking on Charlie, and admire your fortitude, and Kendall's, in the face of what seems overwhelming for anyone.

Congratulations on the naming and you've chosen some wonderful names. You've given Charlie the opportunity to grow up with a strong sense of his history and Oliver to be remembered with the same.

You've done it again! What a sweet start to my day. Julie

This is so moving, personal, interesting and beautiful. Thoughts and prayers continue for you and your family. Blessings, Chris

Beautiful photograph of two brothers.

Many blessings to little Chaim and vast Yitzchak, and to you all.

no words are coming to me. only the feelings of love and compassion as the tears flow.

peace and courage to you...all.

Danny, your description of the ceremony made me feel as if I were there. Those babies were lucky to get serenaded. It must have been nice for the staff, too.

Kendall's laughter...I can hear it now. How cute that you worked laughter into Oliver's Hebrew name.


Mazel Tov, Danny & Kendall,

My prayers are with you and your precious sons. Charlie looks to be doing well and I'm rooting for him every day.


I'd like to think that hand gesture was a sign from your beloved great grandfather that he was watching over your twins. Lovely names for your sons. I guess everyone guessed who Charles was named for, I know I did. It's so soothing to hear a woman's voice chanting prayers in Hebrew. I'll continue to pray for your family to be strong.

Simply Beautiful, Danny. Love surrounds you. G-d Bless.

Dear Danny,

Through my tears, I wish you and Kendall a hearty MAZEL-TOV on the naming of your Chaim. May Oliver's memory be a blessing to you all.


I love the history of all your sons' names. Great post.

Oh, to hear Kendall's wonderful laugh. May
Charlie hear it often over the many years to come. And may you kleib naches (sp?) from your little boy.


מזל טוב on your sons' naming!

I didn't know Charlie was named after Charles Nelson Reilly, but I must say I am very impressed, and will never watch the Match Game again, without thinking of your son, now.

Love that he opened his blue eyes and gazed at you all...

What is the website of the woman who is organizing food and stuff? I need to send up some wine.

This is lovely. Such beautiful words. So sorry for your loss as well.

(Here from Neil's tweet. Not a freaky stalker.)

Congratulations on your Charlie. What a blessing!

A Beautiful Post, in every way...! I love that all your musical references are from shows....and very feeling shows, at that...As I said above, Music and Musicals are transforming and I think it is GREAT that you will br singing ther entire score to your dear Charlie for your dear Oliver...

Thank you for sharing this.

Hi there Danny. Judi, Candace Semigran, Julia and Morgan Pepper, setting up the meeting room for Insight in Ojai this weekend. We are sending love your way and picturing your Broadway baby loving his serenade.

Will start with the misherberachs.

Dear Charlie,

I heard through the grapevine that you're in surgery right now. I'm not sure what happened between the last bit of good news and now, but my heart fell somewhere deep in my chest and started beating like a war drum in an ancient Western. That made me think about John Wayne, which led me to think about another manly actor, Charlton Heston. . .which led me to think about Anne Baxter. . . and then of course I thought about your father, who could probably name every film and broadway legend who ever lived, and your mother, who was born to the arts. . .

One day, they'll tell you all about it -- in fact, I'm sure they can't wait to share the thousands of stories that have enriched their lives, and infuse you with their love of all things creative -- but right now they are full of anxiety and worry. They wish the could pull strength from their own bodies and give it to you so you wouldn't have to fight so hard. They wish there was a hero in your life who could charge in on a white horse and save you from danger, or better yet, one who had direct access to one of God's miracles.

As I was imagining the pounding hooves of horses charging across the plains, and the great cracks of thunder in the sky that preceded God's words, something occurred to me. . .

Yes. . .

Of course it makes sense. . .

I see it more clearly now. . .

You are practicing for a life of adventure, drama, and somewhere down the line (you were named after Charles Neilson Reilly after all), comedy.

God himself may have decided that you needed further rehearsal, but Charlie? You have a whole lifetime ahead of you to hone your craft. Right now the callback that awaits you is a crib at home, in a wondrous Victorian setting, with a cast of characters whose love for you knows no bounds. The callback to God's arms can wait 80, 90, or 100 years. You have way too much to do here, and there are too many earthly hearts that you need to touch before you can even consider joining Oliver to entertain those in Heaven.

I am sitting in the audience, holding my breath, cheering you on, and I don't want any more intermissions, Charlie. I want the curtains lifted, the lights turned on, and I want you to hear the thunder of applause that awaits your happy ending. I want you to see your family, standing in the front, with tears of joy, not sorrow, streaming down their faces.

I want to see you smile, Charlie. I want to see your face light up with joy as you skip off the stage and into jump into your parent's loving arms. That's the best possible ending for this script, and if I could write it -- if any of us could write it -- we would. Instead, we wait for you to take your cue.

Take your cue, Charlie.

All the Love & Hope in The World,


I am a relative of yours from Australia.Itche Mayer was a half brother of Moishe Chaim Koralnek,my greatgrandfather.Please email me.
David Black,Melbourne,Australia

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