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May 29, 2009


Charlie is looking good!

His arms look nice and chunky for being such a preemie. I LOVE the yawn...

fantastic! In addition to all of the great music that he is hearing , may I suggest you start him on the great poets? He looks so much bigger and stronger!

Wow, he's a real baby now. The transformation is remarkable.

Charlie does look good. Thank goodness the desats are less frequent and you've been able to relax a bit.

This post contains what might be my favorite Danny Miller line: "I’m making Woody Allen look like a detached WASP." I'm glad you've maintained your sense of humor.

Love to all the Miller/Hailey family.


Charlie's looking so strong! What a sweet boy.

Beautiful baby, Danny. How comforting for you all to see and feel the daily improvements. You are courageous and loving parents. No doubt about it, and Charlie is sure to inherit your fantastic sense of humor. He is a very lucky fellow!

wow!! he is absolutely beautiful!!! (poo-poo). nice coloring and totally looks like zaid! from the side. keep up the talking to him and whatever you and kendall are doing (plus of course all the doctors and nurses). soon he'll be home before you know it. it's almost like i feel like i can smell baby powder from charlie. he looks just so yummy! always thinking of you and your family


Charlie is one handsome dude! He looks wonderful. I hope his growth continues and he's home in your arms soon.

Hope you will keep wanting to let us know what is happening and the daily musical accompaniment to go along with our thoughts and prayers. He sure is looking like a cuddly baby.

Charlie is looking remarkable. There is a little body fat on those arms, just waiting to chub up some more. His color is good, and he's just totally adorable.

Funny thing about this post. I've always been a glass half empty kinda gal. I was a pretty negative kid, and my mother used to sing that song to me all the time. Except she has the worst voice ever and can only sing one off key note, so I never actually know what it was supposed to sound like. Thanks for including that. It helped a lot!

I grew up with that somg and have always loved it! It certainly is a good "Mantra"...
Oh how I wish you would include a link to these videos at just would make it a teent tiny bit easier for me or anyone else who is having the problems I am....
Keep on singing that song, my dear.
Are you going to go to Betty's Birthday Celebration? I hope so. From everything I hear, it will be quite special. And Betty ACCENTUATES that Song, doesn't she?

Dear Charlie,

Don't forget what happened to the boy who got everything he ever wanted. . .he ended up living happily ever after. :-) I just know you will. Look at you! You're pink and beautiful!

What a beautiful baby. Yay for Charlie -- I can't wait to read about the day when he gets to go home with you and Kendall.

It's nearly impossible to find balance when you're dealing with life and death issues every day, so much uncertainty. And when life does feel like it's unraveling, hanging onto all that's holding together that moment is all you can do.

I look forward to the day this is all a memory for you and yours.

Charlie's improvement is remarkable over last month. Enjoyed the videos and music this week very much. That song was one of my favorites, too, and the theme of a good TV show about WWII from some years ago: Homefront.

Last night Pittsburgh news had a report on smallest baby ever born here, a little girl weighing less than 10 oz. who was taken by C-section from a distressed young mother a few months ago. That baby is going home today they said. This summer we'll being hearing the same report on Charlie, I'm sure.

All the best!

we love your blog more then ever! you are truly an amazing writer! ...and to share all this w/ everyone is very brave! hats off to you my dear friend! ox,m

How did you know that "Accentuate the Positive" is my all-time fave song too!? I'm partial to the Johnny Mercer-sung version. I used to play it on my public radio show all the time in the old days....Classic American Music at it's best!

Charlie's lookin' good!

Accentuate the Positive is not a song that has had a big presence in my life, but two songs I really associate with my Dad - who sang them in a band when I was a kid - are "Sunny Side of the Street" and "Look for the Silver Lining" and I find myself singing one or the other of them when I need to pick myself up. I'll have to add Accentuate the Positive to that list - what awesome lyrics!

Steady on, wee boy. And steady on to mama and daddy too. Thinking of all of you constantly.

Dear Kendall and Danny,

Happy anniversary and I know Charlie will be around helping you celebrate many, many more. Keep accentuating the positive!


well, he has your hair!

Looking at the photographs of Charlie and the video with that fabulous music, I thought how difficult it must be for you and Kendall to leave the NICU. I imagine there's tremendous comfort in watching and studying every millimeter of his precious body. I will continue to hope and pray that his calm days continue. He looks wonderful, and I'm convinced he is a "positive little guy". What a blessing.

you are doing great. keep going, keep getting stronger and keep loving that baby!

Dear Danny,
I always get annoyed when parents rattle on about "the miracle of birth." I always say that it's no miracle. Every common cow can have a baby. But, I have to say that your Charlie really is a miracle. He's gone from not having a chance in the world, to making great strides every single day. Happy one month anniversary, little man.

Wow. The transformation to baby is incredible.

I'm glad you're using your blog to deal with everything. I hope it helps. Blogging has always been my favorite form of therapy.

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