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April 13, 2009


Fantastic and sturdy post, Danny!

I would actually like to see this film because I love documentary and abhor "high fashion" just about as much as I abhor gambling.

Hope all is well autrement.


I just saw this site and read something that leads me to leave a comment. When I studied in Yeshivas Brisk, a Talmudic Academy in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, in the early 80s, we had a fire that burnt much of the dormitory as well as clothing for some of the out of towners. The Karoll family of the clothing stores contacted the Yeshiva to offer clothing for the Yeshiva students who had clothing destroyed due to the fire. I think they asked that the students come down and choose clothing for themselves. It is 25 years later & I no longer live in America, but the name Karoll means something special to those of us who remember. While I was not a beneficiary of the quiet benevolence as I was not directly affected, I thank the entire Karoll family for their generous act of kindness. Kol HaKavod

Thanks for writing, Chaim, that is SO nice to hear! I never knew that story and will share it with my relatives in case they hadn't heard it either. (I just hope there weren't a lot of Yeshiva students running around Skokie in purple leisure suits!)

I SOOOOO Wish I could see this have no idea! I saw Valetino on Oprah, and there was Matt...! I had no idea he had made this film...I got an email from--Well, I'm not really sure who, but it was from people who are handling the film and written as if Matt wrote it....I actually sent an email back, saying it was for Matt...but have not heard anything back....That was almost a month ago(?)..I was so hoping there might be a DVD that he could send me, or something....Another deep frustration with NOT being able to go anywhere like a "MOVIE"...!!!
I was wonderig when you might write a review, Danny...And now, here it is!
It sounds like such a FANTASTIC film!
Thanks for sharing your views about it.
Amd a belated HAPPY PASSOVER.

Dear Danny,

I tune in here often because I love reading really good writing. And, you always have a great story to tell. But, as day after day after day went by with no new blog entry, I felt like yelling, "Come on ! Write something !" LOL.

Truman Capote said something about having a writing talent being a blessing that comes with a whip, for self flagellation, that is to force you to write brilliantly and continuously, which, of course, isn't possible.

Anyway, I enjoyed your piece on Valentino very much. Without your rave review, I wouldn't have ever considered seeing it. You made it sound really worth a look.

BTW, I'm pretty sure that most men are like you, and are more concerned with comfort than style. I know that I am...

I'm the antithesis of a fashion maven myself, but my mother was a costumer in the "industry" and so I grew up learning about how to sew gorgeous dresses by hand. My mother was a HUGE fan of Valentino, and brought me up to appreciate the intricate building of his haute designs.

A few years ago, the MFA in Boston had a show of haute costumes where you can get up close and actually see each dress. It was astounding to see how the glass beads and the rouching and pleating were all done with the teeniest of stitches. For most of us who never can afford such a luxury, this was a huge treat and a lifelong dream for me.

I would love to see this film. I hope it eventually shows up in Boston. I'm first in line. This is just my cup of tea, except those Pugs. So NOT a fan of the pug.

Margalit, the film opens this Friday (4/17) at the AMC Loews Harvard Square 5 and at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline. Matt Tyrnauer will be speaking at all shows in Brookline on Saturday and at the 12:30 and 2:45 shows on Sunday. Go to one of those if you get the chance (and give my greetings to Matthew!).

It sounds fascinating. I don't know anything about fashion, but I love documentaries about interesting people.

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