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April 20, 2009


How ironic that today also marks the 16th anniversary of the day we found out that my mother had a malignant brain tumor. Thirteen months later, we lost her.

Just a bad day all around, Wendi. Maybe we should join the counterculture folks who celebrate a different holiday on April 20th every year by openly smoking pot at 4:20 pm.

This date brings back alot of sad memories for alot of people that I know...don't like this date to much either. Danny, I'm with you....let's light up at 4:20! LOL!!!

I can't even check out any of the links it makes me so sick. Maybe if some of those A-holes would smoke some weed today instead, they'd mellow out and shut-up.

You are so wildly weird... just found you and have enjoyed all I've been able to read...

AND think of it - if we didn't have someone so horrible... we wouldn't appreciate the wonders of others????

Very powerful post today, Danny.

We must never forget.

I've read a lot about Hitler and the Nazis. I find it fascinating. It's so incredible, that it might as well be science fiction. Yet, you know that it really happened. And, to think that there are still plenty of people today who espouse such hatred and nonsense, and actually celebrate Hitler's birthday. What a waste...


I'm truly sorry about the hatemongers and knee-jerk anti-Semites. They give non-Jewish people a really bad name. I was raised in Oklahoma until I was 15, but in an areligious family, so it took me until I was about 12 or 13 to learn about the Holocaust from books, although I learned from films much earlier. I actually never do forget.


Man, that image is so surreal. The colors are so full of irony. Ominous......

thanks for bringing this out and airing it out. otherwise it just molds in our underminds somewhere.

the older i get, the more amazed i am at how people don't see the world at all at all at all the same.

i'm grateful to not have been one of the kids on the stairs in this photo.

i'm grateful to not have supremecists in my daily life.

it would be terrifying to know that all these people exist, except that part of me refuses grok it all. Dali-esque that such people exist and have existed and will exist...If i completely took in this reality, what would i do? would i be able to get out from under the bed?

it's important to remember. to imagine. to ponder.


Just finished commenting on our mutual grandmothers' birthdate (4/5/10) & now here to mention my other Gramma's birthdate. Yup - 4/20/85 (we think, she lied about her age when she married my father's father). Yes, that's 1885. She died in 1965. Very, very unhappy about sharing that birthdate with evil incarnate.

But because of her, I observe the day & light a candle for her. As I do, I hope Adolph is feeling the flames.

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