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April 16, 2009


The All Male version just may catch on one of these days if we keep going in the direction we're going. NY is on the brink (okay, not the brink, but Patterson's moving in the right direction) of legalizing gay marriage. Why shouldn't young gay boys have the same opportunity to be traumatized by popular culture that young girls do.

And - you know - everyone preferred the dud dude. It's true. We all did.

Nice to hear a boy's memories of a young girls childhood.

A day or two ago a social club I belong to invited me to an evening next week of playing Mystery Date and other "sexist board games" as the invitation said. Then this morning I read your post. So what does it mean that a silly board game I haven't thought of in 40 years has come up in conversation twice in less than 48 hours? I never knew they had an all-male version in the 1960s (would love to see that) or modern High-School Musical version. Heck, I didn't know they still made board games. (We have no young people in my family any longer.)

I must have had the 1970s version as I seem to recall the bookish nerd being behind the door.

By the way, I declined to play Mystery Date again since I'm invited to the dress rehearsal for a local opera company show that evening. Guess I wasn't ruined by Mystery Date playing after all. ;)

I've seen the New Duncan Imperials in the 90's. They used to come to Iowa City to play. It was a fun show.

I was too young for the original Mystery Date game, but I remember the 1970's one. I was more into building forts and collecting matchbox cars back then though. I had an older brother I was always trying to tag along with.

I'd forgotten all about this game, but I loved it when I was a kid (we had the 1970s "nerd" version. I'm sure if we'd had the beatnik version, I would have been right there with your sister and friends hoping for him). I don't think I cared that much about the game itself, though. I just liked that "magic door" in the middle (I was definitely the sort of kid who could easily be wooed by "gadgets"), which seemed to uncover no guy I'd want to date but was still great fun to open and close. I had completely forgotten how the game was played and am not sure we ever actually played it the way it was intended. I think we ended up breaking the door.

The Dud was the one I liked. I wonder if he is why I have always liked scruffy guys. Come to think of it,I think it was very influential. I am not sure I knew that kind of guy existed before I played the game. Mystery Date changed my life!

This is hysterical, Danny! Not just remembering the game that had slipped into oblivion, but your memories of being the tag-along brother always trying to be a part of your older sister's world. (As the youngest of four, I did the same thing with my older sister and two older brothers, so I completely understand.)

When did Wendy Belcove become a body builder, I thought she married a lawyer after college named Tony? Sorry not to concerned with old board games, look at whats still around: Monopoly, Risk, Life, Operation from when we were kids, the duds die out

Hey, Danny!

Youngest of 3 sisters here. No tagging along for me, they used to beat me up on a regular basis (aren't you glad you had YOUR older sister?).

Another vote for "the dud". :D There was a similar board game, The Barbie Game, where you bought a dress, accessories & all that, but no door. I can't remember how we picked our dates, but there were Ken - preppie guy, Bob - who looked like a non-steroidal Clutch Cargo, Tom - the bookworm, but cute and POINDEXTER!!! Any fem of our vintage remembers POINDEXTER!!! Not only did he have the unfortunate name, but his hair was a strange shade of orange (which we called throw-up hair, while collapsing in giggles at whoever ended up with him). I wonder why game makers felt a need to give girls a penalty in these games?

Side note: Under the Mystery Date video, in the related videos section, is an ad for the original Chatty Cathy (which I had, until I left it in the garage & my mom ran over her head with the Studebaker). The voice for CC was June Foray, better known as Rocky The Flying Squirrel. Also known as the voice of "Talking Tina" in the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll" (My name is Talking Tina & I'm going to kiiiill you). I wonder which came first, TT or CC?

Jesus--they actually updated this game twice?! :P And who would bet money that the 70's version makers didn't intend for the black man and black woman to get together with anyone except each other? ;)

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