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March 29, 2009


The first time I ever heard of Patti Smith was when I was in 10th or 11th grade and she appeared on the Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder. I could not tear my eyes away from her absolutely unique look nor my ears from her thick South Jersey accent. She thrilled me and scared me all at the same time. About five or six years later, my girlfriend at the time, who wrote songs and fronted a band, did a spot-on version of Free Money and properly introduced me to Patti's oeuvre. "Because the Night" is my favorite song in the world.

Huge Patti Smith fan forever. When she first came out with "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine" I knew we were kindred spirits for life. But I have to say... Patti does Debbie Boone kinda threw me for a second.

She's my sister's age, and every time I think I've got a sister who is almost 63, I cackle. Um, maybe I should shut up now!

Now, can you find Lou Reed singing Pat Boone?

Thanks for these.

I'll have to wait and check it out at home. I've always loved Patti Smith's music.

And I definitely remember Kids are People Too. Even the theme song: "They may be young and not full grown, but they have problems of their own. kids are people too..." At least it was something like that.

Danny, I agree with everything you said. Patti Smith is innocence and sprituality and heart -- someone who has that undefinable quality that defines art/a unique voice. Kids get her. And, when she sings something like "You Light Up My Life," straight as an arrow, it works. Thanks, Danny, for posting this -- really cool!!!

I much prefer her covering Springsteen than Debbie Boone. Notice how she is wearing the same blazer in both clips!!! it's classic.

Big Patti Smith fan here. She is probably the most earnest performer I have ever seen (Springsteen may be there too, but I've found him a bit too manipulative of his audience - which Patti Smith is not.) And she is one hell of a funny lady as well. I realized one of my life-long dreams when I got to see her in concert a couple of years ago (with my daughter, which was an added bonus.)

Thanks for having shared this clip with us!

Danny, I stumbled onto your blog after googling your sister, who I knew many many years ago. I'm enjoying poking around, and can't resist commenting on this post. I have adored Patti since discovering her in the late 70s, but have no memory of her appearing on this show.

There was such a divide back then between what was considered 'straight' and what was considered 'cool' - which almost seems quaint today. Few would have risked their reps to perform a Debby Boone song on a corny show. I would LOVE to know the backstory on Patti's appearance! Her authenticity has always been as big an inspiration to me as her art. Watching this clip has deepened my adoration for her.

I'm sure you remember as well as I do how frequently 'You Light Up My Life' was played on the radio back then. I could barely stomach it. It's a relief to hear Patti singing it with just a piano accompanying her. But I enjoyed the Because the Night clip a lot more! Thanks :)

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