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March 25, 2009


Hi Danny.....sounds like you had a great weekend! Jo, Donna, and Helena haven't changed a bit and neither have you! I have been enjoying the "reunion" on facebook. Especially all the picture that everyone has been posting. We were all "smokin hot" back then, what fashion!!!! Hope all is well!

That's great. Your friends sound wonderful. I'm glad you're getting a chance to look back and get some perspective. I know very few men who are even half as introspective as you are. We need more like you, that's for sure.

I've attended nearly all my high school reunions and enjoyed talking to and finding common ground with folks who were on the periphery of my social circle back then. I don't have a lot of regrets about high school. I remember my dreams and accomplishments, but I also remember my insecurities and fears. I have four friends that I'm close to today that I've known since I was about 13. Having survived the fiery furnace of adolescence together, we're bonded for life.

I'm finding the same to be true of MY Facebook experience. I've gotten in touch with so many people from high school that I literally haven't spoken to in 22 years. It's the strangest thing. It's actually comforting. I think it's because we can't go back to when we were younger (which I often wish I could do!), but we feel that young when we talk to them. I love it!

I think that it is very touching and courageous that you continue to loop back to claim experiences in the present that you were not able to take advantage of in the past. I also think that doing so and writing about it serves as a very good role model for Leah in her own present, for her future, and for all of us who keep up with your adventures. I admire your emotional resiliency and your caring ways with yourself and your friends.

Hi Danny! Loved this latest piece! It so resonates with me as I was not a joiner in HS either, but knowing what I know now, if I had to do it over again, I totally would've joined yearbook and other groups at Von. I was so immersed in my quest for hipster cool via friends in other places, and disengaged from the Von community. it's been great to re-connect on FB! Love Ya, Susie See you in Chicago in May!

Dear Danny,
From everything you write here on your blog, I would have thought you would have been the most popular guy in school and been voted most likely to succeed, etc., etc.
It seems that writing it is a lot easier than living it.
But, then, it amazes me that you would want to reconnect with those people, now.
I have no desire to reconnect with anyone I went to school with. For me, that was a different life.

I have really enjoyed the Facebook reconnection/reunion. I wasn't involved in any of the school activities. I didn't belong to any particular social group or clique. I always felt like a misfit who didn't belong and when I joined the Army and left Chicago after graduation I was very relieved to be getting away from everyone. I lost touch with almost everyone of our classmates with the exception of a few (and you know who you are). Facebook has given me the opportunity to get to know many of you all over again on a much deeper level than when we were kids. I am grateful for the new connections. I am amazed that people I thought were just acquaintances considered me a friend and remember things about me that I have no memory of.

Thanks to all of you -- the keepers of my memories -- and for your friendships that I didn't know I had.

I feel the same way as Wendi Goodman. There are people that are keepers of my memories and that is enedearing to me. Reconnection with people that know I was at a diferrent place in my life back then, is as much a joy for me now at how I turned out for the better and they knew I would. To sit back over Starbucks or lunch and laugh about it is an addition to yet another chapter in our lives that some people back then made it miserable and we let them. Some of which will never be privvy to because this life is what makes us different.....and you know who your friends are!!! My friends know who we are now, we just lost touch and now we are lucky enough to have found each other again, will neverwe went above and beyond making sure the friendships renewed stay that way. We connect better now because we are older & will never lose touch because we got each others backs.....end of story, or just the beginning!!! I love having Sonia, Cherly, Jeryl, Mar, Deb Relaz, Mindy....just to name a few as part of my neweset circle of friends because they rock!!! Love the girlz with all my heart!!! Sjawn

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