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February 14, 2009


At least you now know who to call if you ever need an attorney!

I have the same choked memories, in the same grade of 4th. We used to eat all the really corny hearts that said "Love" or "Be Mine" but only after we giddily debated if we should give them to our crushes (mine were Ian Silverburg and Valerie Wooster - I was a confused child). There was always the trauma of not getting the "good" (glittery, funny, or big) cards from classmates, and getting instead only the boring,flat, unfunny ones.

I think you should name the kids after your favorite old movie stars. Or theaters. Like Orpheum and Pantages. Avalon Hollywood and Angel Stadium. ;-)

How can you be such a curmudgeon about Valentine's day yet have such a sweet memory?

I love Thelma Ritter, especially in Rear Window! She makes me feel so secure.

Happy Valentine's Day, Danny!

Danny, leave it to you to bring up 4th grade and Nandia! I was friends with her and was always at her house after school. She still looks beautiful and I'm glad to hear that she is successful lawyer. Hope you had a nice Valentines Day!

I loved "The Mating Season"! How appropriate for you two.

Thanks for the sweet story...

Now THAT'S a Valentine's Day post. I think you covered all of your bases here. I just watched a documentary about what led up to the 1968 Summer Olympics and the Black power salute, so, I was already in the right time frame when I read this.

Someone still needs to talk to their therapist about some repressed memories, of course that just would be my opinion. Or you could be Woody Allen(secretly)and write a movie about your past memories.

I'm sending this post to my entire Hebrew class, which was wondering about the actual historical figure of St. Valentine.

Your wisdom spreads across the globe!

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