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February 23, 2009


Danny, I thought these Oscars were the best ever! I even loved the splashy musical number, and just figured that crystal curtain was a rental. I agree with Hugh Jackman: More show, less biz!!

I'm not a big award show fan, but I watched last night because, like you, I expected them to honor my uncle, Irv Brecher. I don't know if you have to have people to work them on getting mentioned, but it seems like Irv really did deserve to be recognized for a body of high level work.

Danny, I have to disagree with you about how the acting awards were presented. As someone who saw none of the nominated films (except for Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda--can you tell I have kids?), I knew nothing about the performances and would have preferred to see clips. All that fawning got on my nerves, even if it did come from some good actors. I have to admit, though, I did like hearing Sofia Loren say "Mer-eel."

As for people they did include in the memorial segment, you couldn't see half of those with the way they shot that part. I thought the show was good overall, but that section was a travesty.

I missed half of the show so I cannot comment with any authority. But I also missed the clips for the actors. I did think having former winners present the nominees was a nice touch. I appreciated the moments of true, unrehearsed emotion, but something was missing without the clips. The clips make the moment feel so alive. The presentations without a film clip made the awards feel more like "achievement awards."

I watched it with the sound off 'cause I was trying to get the kids to sleep, but I enjoyed it. The closed-captioning people were excellent!

I missed the Oscars this year, and it sounds like I missed a lot. Thanks for your take on it.

Danny, grit your teeth, rent "Ella Enchanted", and you'll see when I learned about Anne Hathaway's voice. Her version of Queen's "Somebody To Love" is worth it.

I agree with everything you say. The Musical tribute was a bag full of cringe - I hated it. The presenting of the nominees was inspired - very moving indeed, I loved it.

Dear Danny,
You always do a marvelous job summing up the Oscar extravaganza.
I too thought that having five past winners paying tribute to this year's nominees was a brilliant idea, beautifully done.
The Dustin Lance Black (Best Original Screenplay) speech was solid gold.
Sean Penn's win was richly deserved, and I thought that his acceptance speech was almost perfection.
I thought that Ben Stiller should have stayed home.
For me, the production numbers are always dreadful, with the one exception of the old Billy Crystal opening numbers.
What was the still gorgeous Sophia Loren thinking ? At 74 years old, it's too late to go out dressed like a tart. Her shredded dirty brown dress looked like a square dance frock that got caught in the rain.
Until next year...

I was also shocked that Penn didn't thank his wife (god knows she must be a saint to be married to him, how can he thank her with a code name!?!?!) or Harvey Milk.

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgins and Miley Cyrus were at the awards/performing because they work for Disney which is owned by ABC (or is it vice versa?) They were merely product placement.

The Beyonce/Hugh musical number was poorly written and schizophrenic, I think that's why you didn't enjoy it. Oh and she lip synched and her costume was scary.

Danny, I have no TV (although I just got one of those digital converter thingies, so LOOK OUT!), but I swear, who needs one when I've got a Danny Miller post-show roundup? You're the best! The BEST! I feel like it was watched for me so I didn't have to. Thanks for that.

As to the Oscars themselves as a concept, enh. Except for the short about my friend's charity, The Smile Train, winning, I couldn't care...much. Happy for Ledger's family, but REALLY happy for the millions of impoverished kids who may now benefit from the real Indian winner of the year, Smile Pinki.


I agree with you about missing the really good stars who made Hollywood the place to be. They should be there, even if they are in the audience prominently displayed. It was great when Kate's dad whistled and we saw him way up in the balcony. I was very frustrated by the way they handled the people who had passed. I was watching on a very small screen in my kitchen trying to read aloud the names to my husband...a hopeless task for many of the names were too quickly disappearing too soon. Yes, Irving should have been mentioned...a disgrace not to include him. Love your comments on the Oscars. I'll tune in next year to be frustrated again, bored in parts so I missed Ben Stiller who should always come dressed as Zoolander, his best.

Danny, I agree with you but, why do you have to hate on Robert Pattinson? He just did a movie about Salvador Dali, playing Dali, I'm curious to see if he'll pull that off. He also did another film called "How to Be," it hasn't been released yet, but so far the reviews are good. But besides that he's really handsome, handsome in ways Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers could only hope to be. You can never be to young to be weird, I've always been weird even as a kid. P.S. I hope your wife is doing well.

A few years ago, in NYC there was a centennial celebration for a number of songwriters, including Richard Rodgers, Dorothy Fields and Jule Styne at City Center. Among the performers was Anne Hathaway whom, at that point I'd only seen in tv commercials for Disney movies. I wasn't expecting much, but then her turn came and she sang 'Never Neverland'. I can't say she made me forget Mary Martin because long after Alzheimers has made me forget the names of my children I will still cherish my childhood memories of the Peter Pan broadcasts (I know you might ban me from your site for this, but I loved it more than the annual showing of The Wizard of Oz). Anyway, when Ms Hathaway sang that song tears did spring from my eyes and I have been a fan ever since. I even bought my daughter her own copy of 'The Princess Diaries'.

To digress once more, and to weave in the Oz connection, a similar revelation occurred when I saw Hugh Jackman on Broadway in 'The Boy From Oz'. Again, having been a huge fan of Peter Allen, I was dubious walking into the theatre, but now I actually sit through X Men on HBO just to see Hugh, even though I know he won't sing 'I Go to Rio'.

Debbie, you'll get no shunning from me for your Mary Martin recollection--the annual version of her "Peter Pan" was greeted with the same excitement in my house as "The Wizard of Oz" screenings. Really magical. In this day of whatever you want, whenever you want it, that kind of anticipatory excitement for such media events no longer exists!

Maybe Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway will appear in a musical together some day...

And when they do, I'll meet you at the theatre!

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