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February 08, 2009


Leah just gets more beautiful by the day. I imagine that in a few years, you'll be walking down the red carpet at her first movie premier.

That photo is also exquisite.

Thanks, Jane. Our friend Peter took these photos on opening night and he's such a good photographer that he was able to capture the look of the era.

Loved reading this and seeing the photos! What a weekend you all have had! I want to see your Cabaret tapes!!!

Looks like Liza herself had a deft hand in Leah's makeup job. And maybe a bottle of something in the other? Great post. Loved the basement story. Where is the tape???

When I was a kid my brother, cousin and I used my dad's super 8 camera and used stop action techniques to make people "disappear" using smoke bombs and get "eaten" by fold out couches. They are funny to watch now. I'm sorry your films disappeared because I'm sure Leah would enjoy them.

Love that top pic of Leah. So much -- literally and figuratively -- is hidden in the shadows.
This is the type of pic that I'd expect to see in a coffee table book!

Fun post. Cabaret does seem like an interesting choice for high school aged kids.

The photos of Leah and the performance are amazing.

Why DID you force me to play the Nazi? Considering my father spent 5 years in a concentration camp he,too, would have been mortified to see me do the heil Hitler salute.

Gulp. Sorry, Dana! And if memory serves, that wasn't the only time we made you play the token goy in one of our productions! But if it's any consolation, I had to watch my daughter give the Nazi salute and sing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" three nights in a row! If my grandparents were alive and at the show, they might've stormed out! Still, the story "Cabaret" is a great lesson in how we must not ignore the rising tides of intolerance (as Sally Bowles did) even if it seems like it's just coming from a bunch of punks.

Great post, Danny. Love following Leah in her career and learning about your early romp in front of the footlights. Did you check eBay for the tapes of that show? We'd all pay to see them. Also love the last graph and idea of combining the two plays. Quite clever.


Hi Danny,

I wish you had these tapes! I would love to see your performance. You should of been in Von's drama department. We could of used another "Kimball Street Player"!! I remember when we all wrote a play for the school. I was in one of the lead roles...LOL! You have brought back some fun memories.

The picture of Leah is really nice. You must be so proud of her.

Is the Helena your talking about the same Helena from our school days?

I didn't even know that Von had a drama department. Shows you how much I paid attention to what went on at school.

It barely did—I remember only one production of the "Kimball Street Players"—a play version of the movie "M*A*S*H." Were you in that, Arlene? I remember Rhonda Hellstrom and Howard Schaller in the cast.

Yes, I was referring to Helena Packer. Look for her on Oscar night!

Wow, good for Helena! I will have to look for her on Oscar night. I wasn't in the version of "M*A*S*H", it was another play, but I can't think of the name of it right now. When I do I will let you know.

Hi Wendy! I thought everyone in school knew about our drama department!

Eighth grade doing Cabaret. Doesn't that just say it all? A case for moving to L.A.

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