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January 30, 2009


A few years ago I was reading a book on Chinese culture and learned that in older days mothers and other relatives would talk about how ugly the babies in their families were because they believed it would ward off the jealous spirits that wanted to steal beauty.

My Nana Busel did the same thing, but never gave any reason for it. Superstitions are funny that way.

And I would totally enter a baby-naming contest and pay as much as a $20 fee. :-) I'm something of a name freak, having studied names, their meanings, and their social effects. My parents gave me a hideous name at birth, and I legally changed it at 13, but I've quite a chip on my shoulder about it still. :-)

Dear Danny,
I used to be superstitious about having positive thoughts, until I read some of the books by Louise Hay. When I practiced positive affirmations, I suddenly had more money, a happier life, and no problem finding a parking space. LOL. But, it does make sense that if you're thinking optimistically, you will have a tendency to change your attitude and make things happen to get whatever you need or want.

TAKE NOTES. Your experience with the twins could be a book, the proceeds of which would pay for their college education. I'm serious. You're a very talented, entertaining writer.

Oh yeah! I remember my Dad talking about the Evil Eye and babies. Whenever someone came along with a baby (cute or not so much), my Dad would just look at the baby, coo a bit and then say, "My! Isn't that a baby!" Being non-committal, but with a jovial voice, was his way of avoiding the Evil Eye!

My vote for names.....give the twins two opposite names. Don't go in for Frick and Frack; Mary and Larry; Pip and Pop. We need for them to start out as INDIVIDUALS!
I do like biblical names....Rachel and Joshua are always good.

I'm totally with you on the name thing, Ellen. Just yesterday Leah was begging me not to name them something like Noreen and Doreen. No chance of that. However we have been calling the fetuses Remus and Romulus!

Congratulations to your and your wife!

Talk about superstition... I know someone who, throughout her pregnancy, wore a red garnet on a chain around her neck. I guess it was her equivalent of the Kabbalistic red string around a wrist custom...all based against the evil eye.

Pu, pu, pu...all should go well with Kendall, the pregnancy and the births.

Actually, Danny, perhaps this post should be titled TWIN PEEKS rathern than PEAKS.

I agree...Pu Pu PU...don't forget what my friend called the jewish mudra (when you put your thumb between your two fingers )whenever someone looks at Kendall admiringly ...also to ward off the evil eye.

My Mexican mother-in-law was horrified that I didn't get my daughters' ears pierced in the hospital right after they were born. I guess the Aztecs believed that the sun god wanted to kill all baby girls, so the gold on their ears would blind the sun god and he wouldn't be able to see them. Quaint, huh?

As a single mom, I don't think I could be a good parent to more than two children. I have no idea how one person could do it with 14.

Remus and Romulus my Great Aunt Fanny.... Little Kerry (Happy at Last) and Baby Blake. Don't make me correct you again. I hate it when my blood pressure spikes! xo

Hi Danny...just wanted to wish you and Kendall congratulations on your twins...WOW!

Hi Danny~

Twins~ first, i wish you and Kendall a very healthy pregnancy~lots of rest and healthy food!

Secondly~I just attended our family B'nai Mitzvah of 13 year old twins~ Rebecca and Matthew~ girl and boy~ children my 50 year old nephew and his wife.

It was very touching.

Because they also have a younger set of twins~ Shelby and David~ girl and boy~now 5 years old.

Both sets of twins were born on Sept 30, in the same hospital in Denver,
same MD, same delvery room and the girls came out FIRST!

So anything is possible without fertility drugs ~ congrats to you both!


Congratulations danny and your twin peaks blog....

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