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January 19, 2009


I'm not a big one for dancing on graves, Danny, but I'll join you in a brief jig today.

Enjoy your baked good. And then roll up them sleeves. We've got us a lot of badness to make up for.

Gah! I hate the new TypePad!

I forgot to sign out of my other account. It's me, Colleen, not some weird self-promote-y marketing blog. (Although I sometimes play one on the Internet.)

Anyway. Back to work!

I haven't felt this hopeful least eight years.

I was at Caribou Coffee this morning with a latte and raspberry scone, and the mood was excitement.

I live in a predominately Republican burb of the Twin Cities, and when Bush was elected and re-elected there was a very mean-spirited, almost hateful hue some of his supporters celebrated with. . . a Rush Limbaugh type of hostility and arrogance.

Today, in the same burb, Republicans as well as Democrats seem happy and braced for change. I like to think the divide may lessen even more over time.

Dear Danny,
I know how you feel. I don't think there could be a greater contrast between the bumbling boob who is leaving the White House and the intelligent, inspirational, good and decent man who will be taking his place. Cue the "Optimistic Voices !"

I'm with you, Danny!

I had the MLK national holiday off work today and I've been psyching myself up for tomorrow by watching all kinds of pre-inaugural events reportin--just for fun!

I saw the JFK and Clinton inaugural addresses on CSPAN today and only stopped watching when they prepared to show Nixon's and Reagan's.

I would seriously have gone to Washington, DC to stand on the Mall and freeze my ass off if I could have. But, instead, I took the day off work tomorrow and I'm staying home with my red, white, and blue hanky, a kir royale, and carrot cake from TJ's.

I wouldn't miss this event, even in virtual form for all the fromage in France! I'll be thinking about you as the day unfolds and wishing you and all our co-citizens a more hopeful and engaged social and political future!


Just finished watching the Inauguration at the school's cafeteria. I'm so happy for all of us. It's a great day for our country, and the world. I can barely cope looking at the Bushes. Good riddance to that entire family!!!

Eight long years in the making... Unless now President Obama fails to live up to even a fraction of the hope he engenders, I don't see how things can't get better.

If nothing else, it's a change--and that's something we desperately need in this country.

I'm so excited and hopeful. Maybe I'll be able to finally stop breathing into that paper bag I've been using for the last 8 years.

Ah, poor thing. Who will you hate and blame for everything, now? Will Obama get a pass for every decision or will your hate eventually turn on him as well.

And, in reference to your blog of four years ago. Yes. The founding fathers based the rights of all individuals on the belief that they were created in the image of God. Not hard to research. Too bad if you don't like that.

Happy Inauguration Day to you too, KBQ.

(Did I say the word "hate" once in that post?)

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