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January 27, 2009


You are too funny! And blessed! Mazeltov.

Danny, I will say the correct "B'shaah tovah"...This translates to "in a good hour" -- ie. everything should go well and happen accordingly, at the right time. G-d willing, I'll give you a double mazel tov in a few months.

I hope Kendall is feeling well, taking her pre-natal vitamins and folic acid. And I hope you're brushing up on those "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know" books. No doubt these months will lend themselves to some wonderful blog posts from you.

Wonderful news, and I'm most pleased for you all.

Danny, this is amazing news. Twins? At least its not octuplets.

YEES more cuzzies! This post is hilarious, Apple Danny.

Congrats! Sally and I are both thrilled for the two of you.

I am looking forward to their first blog posts. I expect them to go like this: dnhejNbsbenfnxmsksjkJebdbdjdmnxjdjdmnjfjdnfndjdjsnnrn

In all seriousness, congratulations! Excited for their maiden voyage to Chicago.

Yay! Wonderful post, Danny, and I'm thrilled for you both! And...I can't wait to dump all of our old baby crap on you. Congratulations!

I'm so excited for you both! Now if only you can learn to make that weird sound Tony Randall made, your babies would stop crying immediately. I heard him do this on Regis' Live, and it was totally amazing! I feel like getting my knitting patterns down, so I can make knitted toys for both. However, my family tends to be superstitious so I have plenty of time to practice before they're born.

I fear for your blog; otherwise, this is wonderful news.

Oh, congrats!! Wishing you and Kendall only the best. Huzzah!

Congratulations, Danny! To you, to your wife, and, most especially, to your daughter who is very soon going to be a big sister to two rugrats. That is going to be quite an experience.

I have a good friend who is the mother of 5 year old twins. She did lots of things with mothers-of-twins groups.

A real E-ticket ride awaits! It should be a helluva lot of fun!

Hi Danny,

Well I congratulated you once, but I feel like it's official now since you finally posted this wonderful news... so, congratulations again to you and your family. Hope Kendall is doing well.

Take care,


Danny, I am so very happy for you, Kendall, and Leah. I look forward to reading about these kiddos for many years to come.

Congrats! How exciting. My sister had her first baby at 40 and 2nd at 42. I had my kids in my twenties. She's a much different person than I was in my twenties. She doesn't have all the financial stress that I've had during my years as a parent. Most importantly, she made a much better choice in the father, waiting until her 40's.

I bet Leah's thrilled.

Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!

I am so so excited for all of you! I can only imagine how nervous, happy, and over-the-moon you must be. Leah was such a great kid, you couldn't wait to do it again, and again. :-) I'm sure that these two, like Leah, will grow up to be joys.

And please, you must turn at least part daddy blog. This is a wondrous life you're leading, Mr. Miller.

I love reading your blog and would like to congratulate your family on the news. I don't care what you write about; live, love, old Hollywood, babies, just keep writing.
I wish you and your wife a wonderful next few months.

Lovely to read this on your blog, my dear...It means, as you said, Kendall is past the First Trimester....This is ALL GOOD!
CONGRATULATIONS to you guys....I am thrilled for you and especially for Kendall, because I know how much she wanted to be pregnant and have a baby...and to double that number to TWO, Well, that is so very exciting....!
((((((HUGS))))))) to you both!

HURRAY! What wonderful news. Huge congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations! I've enjoyed your blog from the comfort of my Reader - I don't feel smart enough to hang with the "Jew Eat Yet" crowd. *smiling*

Your daughter Leah was a precious baby. I'm certain the two new babies joining you will be equally adorable.

Congratulations again and best wishes to your wife for a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. Neat.

Danny and Kendall, what double happiness...or shall I say triple because you have wonderful Leah. You will truly be blessed!

Congratulations and many warm wishes for a smooth pregnancy for Kendall!

Wonderful! Congratulations! What exciting news.

MAZEL TOV! I'm SO happy for you. And, as an experienced old mother of twins, if you need any advice or need a place to vent, you're invited to lean on me. I was 40 when my twins were born, their dad was 46. We are ancient now with 16 year old kids. But having twins... it's an amazing experience. My only advice to you: GET HELP. Go broke, but get help. Really.

My first thought when I saw this post was, "Didn't Tony Randall die a while ago?"

Congrats! As a father of 3 year old twins myself I could respond with a long-winded litany of suggestions... but I'll spare you that and just say feel free to drop me a line if you feel like it.

Enjoy the ride!


Both Michael and I are so thrilled for you and Kendall. I can't wait to meet the two new beings you are creating.
Mazeltov to you both!

Congratulations and all the best as you embark on this exciting adventure. While my friend Tony Randall did not have a lot of years with his kids, the years he did have were very precious and memorable. My boss, who's 63, has a six-year-old son. He and his wife had been married nearly 30 years and had been told they could never have children. After adopting and raising four children, his wife became pregnant at age 47! He, too, thinks about not being around very long for the youngest and sometimes gripes about not being able to afford to retire but I know they feel blessed just the same.

My happy thoughts are with you!

Mazel Tov! Wishing you a happy and healthy remaining preganancy, and easy sleep after that. Life is rich and full!

congratulations to you and your wife.
i'm 51 and my husband is 57, our youngest is 14, having kids later in life forces you to stay young and in touch with what is going on.

Congratulations, to you, Kendall and Leah. It's always nice to hear great news. You'll have double the pleasure. Thats just wonderful.

Mazeltov!! I'll crochet up a couple of pair of baby booties!

HURRAY!!! These babies will be the funniest, cutest people EVER! All the best and lots of love from New York! Pam and Jim

Wow! Congratulations. May you have an easy and eventless pregnancy and fast and easy delivery. Then you'll have plenty of time to be letting us know how it goes without going to the movies. Remember, this passes very fast anyway.

Congrats, kick ass, I know ya'll have been trying for a while.

Congratulations. As the world's oldest surviving father of twins I have just one word to share with you: disposable diapers. Okay, two words. But forget your environmental sensitivity and go for the 40 pack.


The twins couldn't have picked a better family.

My first thought when I saw this post was, "Didn't Tony Randall die a while ago?"

LOL! I'd thought that, too.

wow! congrats to the lot of you....

I am so happy for you and Kendall & Leah! Two kids at one time?! Can they do that? Wow! Twins are a good way to get to Von Trapp Family Singers-type numbers quicker! Mazel tov, my friend.

Congratulations to you and your family Danny!!! I believe you're right about the denial stage ~ it exists for good reason :-) Mazel Tov!

Dear Danny,

Well, you dog, you ! Leah's going to be a sister ! LOL. Congratulations are certainly in order. From reading your entire blog (Yes, I did.), I get the very clear impression that you've done an excellent job raising Leah. So, there's every reason to believe that you'll train little Danny and Donny to be just as wonderful as she is.

I'm late reading this, but Congratulations! I get to see birth most everyday but am still amazed by it, not only the birth of babies but the birth of parents.

Built-in baby-sitting if you get marooned at O'Hare! Thrilled for you.

Congratulations! What can prepare you for twins? Oy indeed. Enjoy the smell of your newborns' heads and cherish every new milestone. Just imagine their first laughs!! What a wonderful journey for you all. . .

Congratulations! My father was 55 years old when I was born. He was the best friend I ever had. Abundant blessings to all of you.

Congratulations from Sandy and me. We are very happy for you and wish you, Kendall and Leah everything wonderful!

Dear Kendall and Danny,

Mazel-tov and also "poo, poo, poo" for good measure! What lucky babies these are going to be with you two for parents. Love, Marilyn

Congratulations and L'Chaim!

I'm coming out of long-term lurkdom to tell you how happy I am for you both. I'm also a 'vintage" mom of twins; I'm 40 years and 1 day older than my girls. My girls are 4 now and I can promise you that one day you will sleep again.

AUGH! I missed this! I am over the moon for you two and these babies who had the fabulous taste to pick you for parents. Tell Kendall to write to me.


Is Kendall Jewish? If not, will your twins be regarded as Jewish?

I have a paperback copy of Kendall's book inscribed by her to "Tony", saying that "Tony", whom she'd obviously met, was as nice offscreen as he was on. He was "sweet" rather than "horrible". Could this have been Tony Randall?

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