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January 16, 2009


Ah, merde!

That man was such a hunk. I loved him. And most particularly his fabulous VOICE.

Thank you for doing the post, Danny, or I never would have known.

Now I'll get back to reading your post!

I was so sad to hear of his passing. At least he lived until the ripe old age of 88. I also love hearing about Hollywood actors who stay married to the same woman for so long. it's so refreshing.

I didn't follow Mr. Montalban closely. Patrick McGoohan also died yesterday (or the day before?) I l-o-v-e-d Patrick McGoohan.

I mentioned his death at work and, to my utter surprise, someone sitting nearby turned and asked, "Who is that?" I nearly fainted. What a loss.

And along with Patrick McGoohan... Ouch.

I remember wearing one of those Mexican off-the-shoulder blouses (La Bamba video)
in high school.

Thanks for the videos and the lovely tribute to Montalban, a class act.

TCM re-broadcast the three-part 1992 documentary MGM: When The Lion Roared this past week, with clips of many now departed stars discussing their years at the studio, Montalban among them. For three days I watched him and the others talk as I ate my dinner. Fascinating. I'd never thought much about Montalban's film career but found his interviews very classy and intelligent. The last episode aired the day of his passing and I'm sorry to learn another link to these magnificent days is gone.

Yes, many now have never heard of him and the others. I've met three people under the age of 40 in recent months who looked at me with completely blank expressions when I was discussing Gone With The Wind! Not only had they never seen it, they said they'd never even heard of it or any of its stars. Then there was the young fellow visiting my house in December who, when given a mug to drink from clearly marked "Clark Gable Birth Place Museum, Cadiz, Ohio," pointed to the image of Gable and said to me, "Ah, George Clooney!" Yeesh. Are we getting old or what?

Trying to stay warm in frigid Pittsburgh!

Hi Danny

I came across your blog via the Wilco connection.
I recall watching the Marlon Brando movie "Sayonara" with my Japanese born mother, with her pointing out many inaccuracies.

In what must've been his strangest role, Mr Montalban appears (with appropriately terrible make up) as a Japanese Kabuki actor. My Mum howled with laughter and protest.
Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it.

I second all superlatives said and written on RICARDO MONTALBAN. Senior Montalban was my favorite actor for nearly 60 years.. it start with "two weeks with love" "Right Cross" "My man and I" "mark of the renegade" and MANY more..... and NEVER ended.
But one of RM's movies which is almost un- -known is "QUEEN of BABYLON, the " impressed me more than any other. RICARDO intepets the Hero who fights courageously to free his country from Tyrany and save the life of his lady lover ( Rhonda Fleming ). RICARDO appears as a real MACH !! Manly sexy, brave strong and determined. I think rICARDO was as Manly as the Quuen's hero AMAL

"Queen of Babylon,the" starring RICARDO MONATALBAN co-starring Rhonda Fleming is on youtube. Watch it. Highly recommended

Este artículo fue muy interesante, sobre todo desde que yo era la búsqueda de ideas sobre este tema el pasado jueves..

Por lo general no comentar en blogs, pero tu me obligaron a, increíble trabajo .. hermosa ...

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

Ten slotte, ik heb wat ik zocht! Ik zeker genieten van elk klein beetje van. Blij dat ik struikelde in dit artikel! glimlach Ik heb je gered te checken nieuwe dingen die je post.

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