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December 24, 2008


Just ten years ago or so, I received a cobalt blue ashtray with a star of David at the bottom. Do I have to tell you it wasn't from a Jew? LOL. The giver was a work mate who got it from their child's fundraising catalog from school. Tchachke gone awry. It still cracks me up.

Dear Danny,
I always look forward to reading the latest episode of "Jew Eat Yet." You're a very talented writer with intelligence, common sense, and a big heart. I wish you good health, great wealth, and much happiness in the new year. Thanks.
P.S. Many years ago, my father died from emphysema after smoking for 50 years. Even so, I have a sister and brother who still smoke. Oy.

Mazel tov on your blogiversary. So glad I stumbled on to your blog over 3 years ago. Sorry I wasn't there right from the beginning.
Danny, isn't it about time, you take Quinn Cummings's lead and put together a book of your own...compiled of blog posts?

Greetings from the Pittsburgh area! I stumbled on your blog about a year ago and I so look forward to your posts. I love your writing style! Enjoy some time with your family over Hanukkah!

Good morning from the capital city of the Mexican state of Yucatan, Mérida!

I want to second, third, or fourth that emotion re: my distinct good fortune in having found you in the Land of Blog. I shudder to mention all the wonderful attributes of your unique creative imagination and associative thinking processes that lead to your sterling blog posts--don't want to put a pox on you or them. However, as your other fans have already said, more or less, "You fucking rock in the realm of writing and I am in total awe before your talents as an author!"

You don't have to top anything that you have done before. Each piece is an intellectual and emotional pleasure to read. Congratulations on your 4th year blog posting anniversary! You are a wonderful role model for any aspiring blogger and I make every effort not to compare myself to you with respect to quantity or quality in order to stave off going into a cave of non-blogging.

You will be happy to know that although we am far from the shores of Hollywood or France, we have managed to rewatch "Mr Batignol" and "Une Pure Formalité" with Spanish subtitles since our arrival in México but I have not managed much in the way of blogging due to a dearth of internet connectivity!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my French BIL's death from small cell carcinoma of the right lung so your wonderful reflections on the gaiety of cigarette merchandising hit home for our family in a big way.

Happy Holidays and I couldn't agree more that appearances can be deceiving when deciding whether or not next year will be better or worse than last. It is going to depend upon our criteria, non?


Sad to add my dad's death at 48 due to a combo of 3 packs a day Camels, diabetes, and obesity.
"If I can't eat,I'd rather die," Dad said. He didn't say, 'smoke,' but that wasn't recognized as that great of a problem back then.

Like all of your fans, Danny, I congratulate you on your blog's longevity! Your combo of nostalgia, poignancy, and serious commentary are much admired.

Your fake mother

Thank you for reminding me how far we've come, not only in 40 years, but also in the past four!

My mom died from smoking related high blood pressure and stroke when she was my current age. I don't touch those things. I'm ever hopeful that things will be better in the year to come.

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