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December 16, 2008


LOL! Danny, where do you find these recordings? You're like the Lileks of old Jewish records.

Hi Danny - great post - check out this article about how the latest Wall St. fraud (Madoff) is going to get all those anti-semites going.

It's interesting that historically, in the days of serfdom, jews weren't allowed to own land - they were relegated to professions like moneylending. Then when they started getting rich, it turned into a giant victim-blaming mess. Why are Jews disproportionately lacking from fields that require manual labor? Historically they were not allowed to work those jobs - they weren't the oppressors, they were the oppressees! What else is new? The ignorance in this country makes me ill...

Dear Danny,
On another web site, I was arguing back and forth (about Israel) with a young man who was born in Lebanon. I came to the conclusion that some people continue to believe everything they hear growing up at home instead of thinking for themselves. In other words, "You have to be taught to hate."

I don't remember what I googled to get here (Myrna Loy, maybe?), but this post is great. If anyone wants to translate some of the longer phrases for the Sephardi girl, it's appreciated. (Oddly enough, I posted about Cabaret and Nazi propaganda this week too, but I was ranting about rhinoplasties!)

Danny, I'm still shaking my head over the Santa comment. I was raised with a real fear of Christmas and stories from the old country about drunken Cossacks playing a game of havoc on the Jews.

It's important to remember that while those European stereotypes about all those rich Jews were being bandied around as an excuse for murder, most Jews were landless and excluded from guilds by law and therefore very poor. I know I come from a short line of rag-pickers and cobblers. But then, maybe like you, when they were passing out the Jewish-money-gene, I was give a double dose of the big-ass-gene instead.

always distressing to read about anti semitism but i must say the end was a cheerful moment. nothing like a little yiddish early in the morning, with coffee in bed. and it's true i bribed the children all the time for years, now they all call me several times a day and i can't stand it!! that all important phone, what are you doing? see, all that bribing comes around to bite you in the tuchus. be well. house full of nine, everyone home for the holidays, and people are calling, "are we eating?"

Adolf Hitler x2?

Did you see this article? The cake thing isn't particularly interesting, but the name choices and bizarre tolerance levels are perplexing. His sister's middle name is Aryan Nation. Ew.

I couldn't get the sound to work. Darn.

I find that in the US, most racial or ethnic bashing is really classism. Everybody's worried about who has more or less cash than them and then judge them for it. So sad.

I did see that article, Dorise, and almost wrote a post about it but I couldn't bear talking about that repulsive racist family. Giving their kids those names is tantamount to child abuse, in my opinion.

Thank you, Danny, for telling it like it is. When I get threats (usually threatening bodily harm to my children) from people who believe I am obviously within inches of Satan's clutches, I just crawl under the covers and pray.

No, actually, I report them to Blogger. It is proactive, after all.

It makes me sick to my stomach to read what that complete ignoramus said about Santa, etc....OY OY OY! This will never end. Anti-Semitism, I mean....It is really quite depressing in every way.

That "Campbell" Family....HELP ME!!!!
Wal-Mart was Happy to make the Birthday Cake for little Adolf Hitler Campbell.

I need to lie down now.

BTW: Thanks for the correction of Hattie McDaniel's remains....I put a correction on the post itself and thanked you for the info....!

I think that antisemitism is growing by leaps and bounds. We've got a whole new generation of young adults who not only have no clue about the history of Jewish oppression, but have no interest in hearing about it because they don't like "victims". I didn't realize that being a victim was worse than being the oppressor, but according to this latest generation, it is. I'm also quite astounded by the total ignorance of younger people about how many Jews there are in this country. I get answers like "12%, 20%, 15%" and when I tell them that no, it's more like 2% they don't believe me. They don't understand just how small a minority we are, and that even though we are a teeny tiny people in the USA, we don't get any minority status whatsover, but that other cultures with a much larger population like hispanics and African Americans do.

As long as schools teach nothing about Jews other than the shoah, we're going to have to live with growing antisemitism. Ignorance breeds hatred.

That was a great clip. Anyone out there know the Yiddish phrase preceeding, "I like the suit but I'll have to ask my wife?" The very last one on the clip. I really want to know it.

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