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December 05, 2008



I am happy that you mounted this beautiful post.

I was listening to the announcement of Odetta's death with "This Little Light of Mine" in the background on NPR on the way to work yesterday and intended to put up something about my flashbacks to her appearance in 1960s on Hootenanny. I was a folk music fan as a kid so I was especially touched to hear of her death.

Thank you again.

Thanks for your wonderful post on Odetta's passing. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform in an intimate concert at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Music Hall just two or three years ago and I knew that night it was a powerful thing I would never experience again. She also seemed to be an incredibly down-to-earth person who viewed herself as a story-teller rather than a "famous entertainer." I'm so sorry she didn't live long enough to perform for Obama.

That was another beautiful tribute. My mom had some Odetta albums and I remember really liking them when I was younger.

May she rest in peace.

A great woman! I saw her when I and she were much younger - almost 30 years ago - in Tel Aviv. It was a very powerful performance. And then, my son opened for her at First Night in Boston, January 2006. She was frail in her physical appearance, but her singing was great. I was so excited that Gilad opened for her that night.

I was so happy to read your tribute of this amazingly great woman!

Oh right, Tamar, I remember that now! How exciting that must have been for Gilad (and you). Makes me realize how important it is to go see these national treasures while they are still with us.

I feel like I've missed the boat. I can't remember ever hearing Odetta although I enjoy folk music quite a bit. I'm a little disappointed that it took her passing to bring her to my attention, but that video clip is amazing. I'm off to to buy an album or two!

Thank you for your deep and personal homage and tribute to Odetta. I last heard her perform live at an American Federation for Independent Music (AFIM) awards dinner a few years back--she didn't belt out her tunes as she once would have but her soulful singing lifted us all high. Now she's gone (so is AFIM) though her music will long be remembered.

And growing up on the south side of Chicago in the 60s, I encountered Ella Jenkins, as a child in her audiences. My first paid employment was as supply inventory control guy at the Bernard Horwich JCC– small world indeed! There's a tribute to Ella Jenkins online at the Smithsonian website.

Enjoy and thanks again!

Another great tribute to an American icon...
Thanks for the memories

I think it's a stretch to say Odetta supports Obama or Isreal . Odetta sings anything . Odetta is a saint. Odetta is the tops. I'm not religious but I'll agree to that.

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