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December 31, 2008


Wow! That's a great recap! I have been following your blog faithfully, so recaps don't come as discoveries but I love them all the same, because they actually do shed another light on something we did not read with the same eyee necessarily.

I am all for reviewing periodically and assessing what the time has covered for us, and how we are managing to "integrate" it!

Happy new year to you and your family!

(I am trying to do the same exercice as Neil and you did, and am finding it pretty hard to conduct in a timely manner!)

i've been a regular reader for a little over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed your posts...just want to say 'happy new year' and thanks....

No one can ever say that you are boring, since it is clear from this recap, that you have the weirdest assortment of interests I've ever seen, from Evelyn Keyes to Bozo.

A happy and healthy year to you and your terrific family.

Danny, it's been great to spend the year with you in the blogosphere - but really, that's about all that's been great. It's such a crap ending to the year - between the brutal attack on the poor, dense little area of Gaza (thanks to a usa leadership vacuum), the continuing Occupation of Iraq and Americans losing one job every 15 seconds (etc). How wonderful to take a break and dip back into your fine writing and eclectic smarts. Hope 2009 will improve,

Fabulous post! I wish you and yours joy and love and much happiness in the new year. Lord (?) knows, we all deserve it!

Happy New Year and thanks for the blogs!

Happy New year! I love keeping up with your blog also. It certainly does seem like another conflicted year with the chaos in Israel, Rick Warren at the Inauguration, and the economy still unsettling. I do pray that we will have peace soon. I also can't believe how long my country computer's dial up takes for me to even get to these comments. No wonder I can't find your blog from last month about movies or was it Nov.? I was interested in whether I read it in your blog about "Slumdog Millionaire" and what you had said about it.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Amazing. Best. Post. Ever.

Wow! Where have I been? I should have been there debating the anti-Hillary folks who called me a racist despite the African half of my family --- and I'm serious about that. I could have added a thing or two about the Jennifer Aniston thread - could have convinced you to get in my car and make a secret midnight early morning trip to zingerman's and back to chicago just in time for more family secrets . . . Ohhh, the pain in not knowing you all this time. Here's to '09 and being in the know with your blog!

What a wonderful year for your blog. Happy New Year, Danny!

As I went through your 2008 recap, I realized that your Kendall Hailey / Bette Davis post made the most impact on me this year.

What an amazing, outrageous life you lead, Danny. Thanks so much for sharing!

Since I'm relatively new here, this was a great post for me. Now I can go back and read some of the stuff that sounds really interesting. Keep up the good work - I've really enjoyed it so far.

wow! you are brilliant danny miller! please rant in the spring show!

And this is why I love your blog. You go through the ups and downs and always end up with something moving or funny to say.

Have a great '09!

I love this idea. Too lazy to bother to do it this year, but maybe I'll have more energy and steal it for my own blog next year.

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