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December 10, 2008


Hi Danny,

I also remember growing up and putting a "Happy Hanukkah" sign in the window, and on Christmas morning there were always presents by the fireplace! My parents loved doing it, even thou the rest of the family thought it was horrible. Do you remember ever going to Hanukkahh parties?!

My husband is not Jewish, so we celebrate both holidays and our house is decorated inside and out for the hoidays.

Your nephew is adorable...congrats on his Bar Mitzvah. I want to see a picture of him surrounded by girls just like the one you had!

Your nephew has the same situation that I had growing up--mother Jewish, father not. When I did stand-up, I used to say "We had a Christmas tree, but we hung Barry Manilow from it."

When my husband and I were first living together, we had some red and green decorations and a menorah. Then after we were married, all of a sudden he was Tevye. I wanted to put silver foil on the door.

"That's goyish!"

"No it's not, it's festive!"

Actually, what I remember most about the winter holidays when I was a kid wasn't a tree or a menorah. It was the smell of cooking and cleaning! My mother would start cooking and cleaning the day before Thanksgiving and she wouldn't stop until New Year's. We had a procession of friends and relatives in and out the whole time, and there was food and there were gifts. This is the tradition I've tried to continue as an adult.

We never had a tree but sometimes we had Santa fill our stockings or socks with oranges and little treats. We had the Menorah.
I can' t believe it but today i got in trouble at work for printing pictures of Santa on my computer at the Security Guard's request.
They needed decorations for their post. I wondered whether I should get paper snowflakes and tried to get free ones which I didn;t have to download. A public high school should have every holiday represented so i must get busy soon.

Dear Danny,
Years ago, I dated a Jewish guy who had a fit if I even sang a Christmas song. My most recent ex (also Jewish) observed both the Jewish holidays and Christmas. He took me to my first seder dinner. Although I don't subscribe to any religion, I thought it was quite wonderful. I'm wondering why you wouldn't find it acceptable to celebrate the Jewish holidays as well as the commercial side of Christmas. Just a thought.

Oh, I do, Gordon, believe me. But I still prefer to keep them separate and not think of Hanukkah as the Jewish Christmas. (And I'm not ready to bring a Xmas tree into the house.) Yikes, your Jewish ex-boyfriend sounds like a piece of work. There's nothing I enjoy more than singing Christmas carols, even if it would send my ancestors spinning in their graves!

I knew Jesus and my grandmother had something in common. Now I know: June 17th!

I thought it was old news that Jesus wasn't born in December. The winter solstice holidays worldwide were so important that early church fathers decided to splice Jesus onto them as a way to coopt these powerful celebrations and religions.

But I'm pleased that there's astronomical data to prove his summer solstice birth. Hey, we need a summer solstice holiday anyway.

And I hate xmas too. In our house we celebrate Solstice (if I say Christmas my kids scowl at me) but we do it on xmas day because the kids have to have something to do on the day that many of the friends and much of the world is gathering around the pagan tree and unwrapping presents.

I still hate it. But I do love the return of the light.

I grew up Catholic, my wife Jewish. But if anything, we're Unitarians. We celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas in my house -- very secular, though.

I always wondered why they are compared. They're two totally separate holidays that just happen to sometimes fall around the same time. I think some Christians look at Hannukah as the Jewish Christmas and that bugs me. I hate it when at Christmas, one of my family wishes my wife Happy Hannukah -- and Hannukah was already over weeks before. I don't wish somebody Merry Christmas on January 13.

There's always Festivus for the rest of us.

I adore the cartoon, Danny. It fits perfectly into my, "I-don't-belong-anywhere" neurosis. Indeed, I laughed out loud when I saw it. A hearty, straight from the gut, recognizing myself type of laugh!

I wear a beautiful Star of David every day and you can see it all the time. I hate it when I go into a store and as I'm checking out someone says to me, "Merry Christmas." Do they not see the Star of David resting on my chest?

I always wish them a Happy Hanukkah in return, just to remind them that not everyone is a Christian celebrating Christmas. I think that a lot of people don't get the point, but at least I know that I'm getting my dig in.

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