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December 11, 2008


Awww, this is great. I loves me some Miss Rita. That clip with Dr. Death is priceless. Thanks for another great post!

That was an awesome post. My daughter is extremely aware of whether Latinas are being played by actual Latinas. She's always so happy when she see Rita Moreno in anything, as am I.

Wonderful tribute to a great actress!

Yes, I remember Rita from West Side Story...and loved her too. So sad that she wasn't able to get better roles

She's something else, isn't she? Love her! On a side note, maybe you know that West Side Story is back on stage at DC's National Theatre with a remake directed by the author of the original WSS book. It's a bilingual production with a much more realistic, less romantic, take on gang life. Anita's role is being performed by a young Argentine who is having to learn to speak Puerto Rican.

I have read your post! Nice Post.

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