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December 27, 2008


Wow, what a great post and SO interesting. I teach high school English and we just finished a big unit on Arthur Miller's "Crucible". Before we read my students research McCarthyism and that entire era along with modern day witch huts.

Kitt's story is a PERFECT example of this.

Thanks for sharing.

Looking at those photos of a young Eartha, I was struck by how much Rihanna resembles her.

I love the story about the limo driver, and I had no idea about the Johnson story, or Kitt's political interests. She was always the sexy Cat Woman to me. I used to try to imitate her voice when I was young.

Danny, I know your side gig as obituary writer to the stars is totally unintentional, but damn you're good at it!

I've always loved Eartha Kitt. I love it when people have the courage to speak their minds.

Great Eartha Kitt article. Thought you might be interested in the following:
Join Eartha Kitt fans in celebrating the life of a legend. Her dancing career is the theme for this month. Head over to Kitt’s Corner ( to interact with other fans, visit ( for a tribute, or enjoy a musical montage set to tango music here on YouTube

See ya there!!


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