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December 30, 2008



Thanks for the heads up about Marley. I had a hunch it would be a stinker, even though I liked the book. Why waste my time on that, when there are so many good movies out now?

Danny - Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Sorry I did not get to wish you a happy Hanukkah in a comment to your blog, but I am away from home, and my computer time is a bit scarce.

Hoping that 2009 will bring you its very best. Also, a very happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

God, I love your movie reviews. I've never had any desire to see Marley and Me...Well, unless it was free and I could sneak into it. It seemed a little too Disney-like for me. I do want to see Benjamin Button though. Thanks for confirming that for me.

"Is our own culture imploding so fast that we now have to look to Nazi Germany for our feel-good nostalgia?"

Absolutely brilliant analysis!

I saw "Benjamin Button" and the effect of it is still with me. Besides being a visually beautiful, stylized movie, I too was riveted by the performances of Pitt and Blanchett. While another pair of less attractive actors could have played these roles, I do think it had more poignancy precisely because they are so stunning. The special effects are so good that I never caught myself wondering "how'd they do that?", but just accepted the reality they presented.

I haven't seen "Marley and Me", but I understand it involves a dog.

Is it that Jennifer Aniston needs different material, or is she just plain lousy on the big screen (I really liked her a lot on "Friends")?
I am familiar with the whole Von Stauffenberg story. It should have made a great film. But, casting Tom Cruise ? Yikes.
I'm a tough critic. And, I'm regularly amazed at the complete crap that people are willing to flock to and support with their hard earned dollars.

Danny, If the wildly unpopular Ben Lyons gets fired, will you PLEASE apply for his job?

Danny! The world MUST hear your reviews! GENIUS!

I'm afraid Marley and Me would hit me like The Notebook did. Hated it. Love James Garner but there's a "Christmas Shoes" element to it all.


I confess that I'm not among the lovers of "Benjamin Button." I found it rather tedious and feel-good in the (Self-)Important Hollywood Epic way. (The BF said it was strongly reminiscent of Forrest Gump, which I did not see, but whose clips made me cringe.)

That said, I'd still rather see Button twice more AND sit on ice cubes while doing so than watch ten minutes of that egregious-looking piece of pap, Marley, even once.

We're a nation of dunderheads. God help us all.

I think I'm one of the few people in America who couldn't get through the book version of "Marley and Me." Your description of the movie is just about what I expected.

I can't tell you how disappointed we were with Marley & Me. My 9 yr-old had read the book, enjoyed and was looking forward to the film. Awful. And let's not even talk about the PG rating for a film with so much sexual innuendo. Ugh...

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