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December 18, 2008


Hi Danny,

Sounds like your nephew is on his way to a wonderful world of music! Congrats and Happy Birthday to Spencer! You are right, birthday celebrations have come a long long way! I think I spent my thirteenth b-day with hot dogs from Fluky's and a cake!

I was vistiting via Naomi's and this post was so cool that I had to say hello. Congrats to your nephew, a belated Happy Birthday and I hope he does go as far as he wants in the wonderful world of music.

What a great life he leads. I'm glad his birthday celebration was so perfect.

Hello danny,

happy birthday to your nephew! I wish you and your family a great 2009!!! Just came back from new york, i stayed a bit longer than planned, what a great city for a swiss guy ;-) the concert was so great, i still can't believe what i saw!!!! My thanks to Mr. Tweedy, Stirratt, Kotche, Sansone, Cline and Jorgensen for a wonderful time!
Greetings Reto

Spencer was great! I thought Jeff's comment was pretty funny too since that is seriously cool to be playing at MSG at 13 (opening for Neil Young no less). I was right there...6 seconds in, that's me in the lower right corner!

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