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December 22, 2008


Happy Hanukkah Danny! I am hoping you will tell us if there are any movies worth seeing over the holidays.

Also, I hope you're planning a post on Snoopy!

Danny, hope you and the family have a bright Chanukah and a happy holiday season.

"We need a little Chanukah
Right this very minute
Menorahs at the window
Latkes on the spinet..."

Nope, doesn't scan.

Happy holiday anyway!

Last week, I had wanted to write to you about the disturbing phenomenom I am aware of in my own mind...why is it i know all the christmas songs by heart, and sometimes sing them to myself walking by when i hear the music...oh come all ye to the world, silent night. Yet, there's so many Jewish songs I am totally clueless about. I remember visiting your grandparents' home for Shabbos dinner many many years ago, and felt embarrassed that I didn't know any of the words they sang. Years ago, I too dreamt I was a modern day Judith...if only I could get to be in the position where I could decapitate Osama bin Laden. Dreidl, Dreidl, Dreidl, I made it out of clay and when it's dry and ready, my Dreidl I will play.

Thank you Danny for that delightful rendition of the "Convert Jig".

My old college roommate is a musician in the Bay Area and has collaborated with Mare Winningham. She said Mare is a wonderful person.

Happy Chanukah!

Thank you Danny for your visiting my blog and your very nice comment! I appreciated it very much. And had had no time to return to your blog earlier, just to read that we had had the same idea to honor Judith's memory and retell her story on the occasion of our blogpost for Chanukah this year.

Chag Sameakh!

Zac Efron’s paternal grandfather was Jewish. His other grandparents were not Jewish.

But there’s a new, more talented version of Zac Efron in town… Logan Lerman… who is fully Jewish. So that fixes that unbalance.

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