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November 02, 2008


It's funny how different, but still so similar politics were back then and now.

It looks like I would have voted Republican for the first time in my life in that election.

Fascinating post! And I like the use of orange in, I assume, celebration of Halloween.

I don't recall either Reagan/Mondale or Clinton/Dole being all that nasty. The only personal negative attacks I can recall was some talk of both Reagan and Dole being a bit old for the job but I don't know that that came from the campaigns (just like aspersions that McCain is too old -- maybe "old guy" is a Republican trademark?).

If I knew how they celebrated Halloween in the 1900's when I was a kid I would have been jealous. Now I'm glad it is only one evening!

I read this last night and didn't realize how great it was until I found myself discussing it with my husband tonight. Thanks!

Thank you for the extremely interesting and entertaining history lessons. Why couldn't you have written the history textbooks we used in high school?


I second Julie R.'s comment!

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