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November 28, 2008


Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds like it was idyllic. Congratulations on such good food, family, and friends.

I always cry when people do anything constructive in cooperative concert.

Happy Thanksgiving, Danny.

Happy Thanksgiving. Why isn't the dog in the photo?

I enjoyed your re-counting of the holiday 100 years ago and the old postcards you used to illustrate the piece. I have a collection of similar cards that belonged to my great-grandmother that I use as decorations for each holiday, including Thanksgiving. My favorite for Thanksgiving, if you could call it that, features a musket-carrying pilgrim trudging through a snowy landscape with a turkey slung over his shoulder and this rather bad poetry printed beside him:

"That was in the Autumn, Children,
Scarce a Year From When They Landed
And the Colony Begun.
And Now When in Late November
Our Thanksgiving Feast is Spread,
'Tis The Same Time-Honored Custom
Of Those Pilgrims Long Since Dead"

It is post-marked Luke, MD, Nov. 23, 1908.

Another card post-marked in the same place but on Nov. 26, 1907, features a parrot in a window, caged, speaking to a turkey on the sidewalk outside a kitchen door with the caption: "The Parrot says, 'I would rather spend my life behind bars than lose my head upon the block!' "

How peculiar! But does point to the fact that many had to kill their own turkeys back then.

This Thanksgiving my elderly mother and I had an intimate meal with two friends I met through the university. We had an abundance of leftovers and I've spent most of this weekend eating pie as I made two "Maple Sugar" pies, one pumpkin mousse pie, and someone left a less popular mincemeat (what is that anyway?) here, too. Blurg. Back to the exercise room for me tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!

Happy Thanksgiving from Chez V!

Danny: great bits of history. Plus ca change, indeed.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. You definitely have a beautiful family to be thankful for.

What a gorgeous photograph!
Happy Thanksgiving, Danny to you and yours!

Thanks for your wonderful blogs! I just had to comment on this one! I too, cried when James sang ... and I had to chuckle when you mentioned the Rockettes ... I thought I was the only blubbering idiot that cried every time I saw them. I think it is a sense of the past. I remember my mother crying when they were on as well. The Rockettes, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ( in New York... the only place that Macy's should be) the Rose Parade... tradition and a connection to our youth! Speaking of parades... Bagpipes get me every time as well! Love your blog. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Happy Chanukah!

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