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November 20, 2008


Aha -- now find out the REAL reason for you love of Obama! But a lot of people are also claiming him. There is a woman on Twitter who is suddenly proud to be Hawaiian. And I just received a long email from the President of Columbia University, proud of our dear alumnus (and hoping to get some more donations!)

And I am proud to know you - coming from Chicago - brother-in-law to Jeff Tweedy - a friend of Barack Obama.

My aunt has lived in Iowa since 1979, and still hasn't lost her Southside Chicago accent. I still consider Chicago my home state, mostly because of all the history my parents have there, but also because I love how feisty Chicagoans are - just like me.

I LOVE Chicago (and I don't live there, nor am I from there). But it is pretty great.

Jeff misused "nonplussed" in his quote... it actually means perplexed, not unfazed. I think that's a common misuse of that word, though.

Hey Danny,
I've only been to Chicago a few times, but I believe it is without a doubt the quintessential American urban center. It defines "urban". It screams "city." It is large and full and rich. I have loved every visit.
Sue, author
Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin

I'm proud to live in Chicago.. I have traveled outside the States and when I'm asked where I come from 4 out of 5 times I'm asked about Al Capone...Maybe now I'll be asked about OBAMA.

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