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November 26, 2008


That was great! Thanks for posting it.

Love it! Will look for the show when it arrives in Chicago. Thanks for the link from Facebook.


You've got some fun friends, that's for sure!

How splendidly delightful! What a fun pair they must be. Perhaps they'll bring their show to Dallas...?

wow. Now I wish I was a member of THAT tribe!

Doesn't anybody write real music anymore ?

I just burned my left overs!

Thanks for posting this Danny! You totally brought me out of my post-Thanksgiving funk.

To Gordon:

1) Define "real" music.
2) Take the time to go to their page and hear that there is a wide variety of "real" music.

Makes me want to shake my bumper and check my suspension. Rowr.

great beat and voices and lyrics and dancing. very creative and hope they do more.

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