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November 15, 2008


Thanks so much for this review. I haven't been able to get to the movies for awhile and am feeling parched and starved! This has helped me get right back on track and am excited because I don't know which one to choose first ...

By the way, how's about "I've Loved You So Long?" Have you seen that too? What did you think about it? I am longing to see that one too.

Oh, I'm dying to see that movie, Tamar, it's on my short list. Kristin Scott Thomas as a bitter ex-convict who speaks perfect French? I'm in!

Let me know what you think of it when you do see it. I'm going to find time this week - probably on my own! Oh, and with a bag of popcorn of course.

Dear Danny,
Thanks for the recommendations. The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, Doubt, and Revolutionary Road all sound good to me...

Dear Danny,

Thanks for posting these reviews. I'm particularly interested in Witch Hunt. When I was three or four, which would have been 1985-86, my father was accused of sexually molesting me. We lived just south of Bakersfield, and undoubtedly dealt with the same legal system that these folks did. He was a single parent and I ended up in foster care for a time. I've wanted to know more about these parts of my childhood for ever since. Fortunately, he was not convicted, but that event changed both of our lives.

I hadn't heard about this film, but I read your blog regularly and really appreciate learning about it through you.

Wow. Those are a lot of movies. There are so many movies out now that I want to see. I don't have the money, so it's great to read your reviews. I'll put them on my list for later when they come out on DVD.

Lord, that's a lot of movies in a short space of time, and especially because they ALL sound very complex and emotionally draining...! It just pisses me off NO END, that I will have to wait for the DVD's of these films...HELP! I wish I could be made an Honorary VOTING Member of The Academy and then I would be sent the DVD' know?!

They ALL sound like movies I want to see--some I am familar with, but not the documentaries...Did you see these at the AFI Festival or whatever it is called?? always, your reviews make me want to see every one of these films.
Thanks, Danny....Thanks!

I would LOVE to see Prodigal Sons, but sadly there are no theaters near me that show documentaries.
The Boy in The Striped Pajamas sounds wonderful, but I know I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD, simply because it will be too heartbreaking to watch in a theater.
Thanks for the recommendations!

There are more new movies here than I've seen in the theatre in the last five years put together.

So I'm printing this post out, taking it home, and my wife and I are plotting our cinema-going for the next five years, based on your recommendations and previews.

You didn't include "The Express"? I haven't seen it yet,but I did see a clip with me as an extra.I think I'm in a few scenes,so make sure you don't blink while watching the movie

Love this time of the year when new movies start showing on the big screen.

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