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November 05, 2008



Smug has been the smirk on Bush's face for 8 years.

Smug has been Halliburton getting away with millions, despite DNC hearings showing massive abuse.

Smug has been this administration's attempt to smother the freedom of the press -- unless it's the right-wing press.

The lies, corruption, closed doors, and ethical stink of Bush's administration has been smug. The right-wing media, hawking the liberal media myth, and the right wing religious nuts, seeking power through politics, have been SMUG.

We are not smug. We are freed, redeemed, released, and full of hope and hope for justice.

If we be called smug, then smug on -- rational America deserved this victory, and the entire world will benefit.

Dear Danny,
The fat lady has not sung.............yet.
This morning, the NO-on-8 people were waiting on the steps of the California Supreme Court building here in San Francisco. As soon as the doors opened, they filed a challenge to the Proposition 8 results, alleging that it was in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the California State Constitution. And, that was the very reason why they allowed gay marriage in the first place. So, there remains a glimmer of hope.

I think that the entire country was bowled over by the Obama win. Even the most staunch Republican had to know that, during the past 8 years, they really blew it. I see a President Obama bringing in the best and the brightest of young minds to tackle all the challenges that face our country. It's bound to be an exciting time.

We're crossing our fingers too!

As always, loved the post Danny. Your description of Leah's school was likely mirrored in my grandson's. He's been an Barak supporter since I was still in Hillary's corner. Of course, I quickly switched over and celebrated with everyone in the Chicago neighborhood you revere and visit. I'm wondering if because I'm the fake mom to your family, I can claim some association with our President Elect. Not fake, though, real pride.

Danny - I would point out to Spencer & Sam that Malia & Sasha, although somewhat younger, are awfully cute...

The Democrats I know aren't smug as much as hopeful and relieved. That's one beautiful thing Obama has done for this country - given us hope. I don't believe one man can change all the things that need to be changed, but I do think he can inspire people to work together on that change. I don't know if I remember seeing this many people that excited about an election in my lifetime. I hope we can all hold onto this feeling.

Yesterday morning walking to NYC subway, my mind wandered thinking that it's been just about 44 yrs since the murders of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney whose crimes were working for voter registrations in Mississippi. Who would have guessed that 44yrs later, our 44th President would be Barack Obama. It felt so good to vote for a winner. I told the people in my daughter's job, they needed their heads examined to vote for McCain/Palin. I truly believe that. She is a vile woman, bitchy as the day is long, and a true Welfare/Pork Barrel Queen. Now the news is out, she even insisted campaign workers use their credit cards to buy clothes for her family. "Wasilla Hillbillies looted Neiman Marcus coast to coast" I wouldn't vote for her to be dog catcher, especially after her shooting wolves and offering cash for their forelimbs. She couldn't even tell you the countries in North America? Maybe she'll write a tell-all book...wouldn't even take it home from the library.

While I can't believe you weren't at home watching the results, I forgive you after having read this beautiful post. And a Wilco show at the inauguration sounds just about right!

I think Tuesday night at 11:01 eastern time was one of the happiest moments of my life thus far. I sincerely doubt I've ever felt this proud to be an American. I am so very happy that so many people are ready for real change.

Good for Leah, standing up for her McCain-supporting classmate. Of course, middle school is the place where I can kind of excuse that sort of behavior, because they're still learning. It's the adults who act that way that make me angry. You should have seen some of the dirty looks I got yesterday with my Obama pin and "I voted" sticker on my jacket.

The photo of Spencer and Sam is adorable. What cuties.

Oh, I forgot -- the anti-gay legislation that has been passed in CA, AZ, FL, and Arkansas makes me ill. It's really too bad such great news had to be mixed with vile hatred.

You atom feed has been dead for a while, so I have been forced to manually check why you would not have celebrated a historical victory that has pleased so many (including me).

I don't regret I did.
I replaced it with a rss feed, showing that I am always ready to cross the aisle with grace :-)

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