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October 07, 2008


Have a wonderful,wonderful time in New York! Get up to the Hungarian pastry shop and eat some strudel for me, if you can.

Danny - What a remarkable post! One never quite knows what one will encounter on your blog, that's what makes reading it so much fun!


Tenx for the memories! Yoo Hooo!

Mrs. Bloom

You're missing the debate. McCain is being so smug I'm going to hurl. AND he has started dropping his G's. Blech. I'd kill to be in NY. Are you going to Sammy's for skirt steak????? Have some chicken fat for me.

Yoo Hoo, Mr. Miller. Loved this post. Love Gertie Berg. Love you and the Mrs. Love NYC. Come for a nice pot roast when you get home.Have fun. xo

Dear Danny,
Thanks for the beautiful piece on Gertrude Berg. Other than seeing her a couple of times on the re-runs of "What's My Line ?," I never knew much about her. I really enjoyed the video.

"Yesterday we had lunch with a woman who co-starred in the 1950 movie version of "The Goldbergs." Tomorrow night we're having dinner with an actress whose husband appeared on the radio version of the show."

Ohhh, Danny, the company you keep...

Thanks for this great post.

(An aside: Did you ever watch the early nineties, short-lived wonderful show BROOKLYN BRIDGE?)

I used to love that show,it was so real life to me in Brooklyn. Later, my daughter used to call me Molly. Did she pick up something as a little egg in my ovary? If you've got time, maybe you want to daven on Yom Kippur at the Stanton St Shul on the lower east side,(between Clinton & Attorney STs) really haimish...a little building desperately in need of repair...around the block from a newly renovated larger shul on Clinton St. south of Houston st.(As I write this,I realize you'd prefer the Temple at Westbeth in the West Village.) After Rosh Hashanah services, I sat at the First St.park by First Ave and First St, thinking of my own Romanian born grandmother who 103 years ago, lived in one of those buildings at 1st & 1st just before she got married.

Dear Danny,

Thanks for the memories. I was a young teenager during the Goldbergs TV era and never missed a show. One of my favorite lines she used while speaking to a neighbor through the window was "Mrs. Bloom darling, please throw an eye on my soup while I'm out". My mother often used that line with me while growing up.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to N.Y. Did you do the Tenament Museum tour? It's a must see even if you're not from N.Y. Danny darling, please "throw an eye" on your Kendall and I wish you both the happiest of New Years.


Danny, thanks so much for the post and the video. What a marvelous look into Gertrude Berg's talent! The piece on Philip Loeb is so tragic. I don't think I ever knew his response to that awful part of our history. In a way, it's so timely, with all the slime coming out of the McCain-Palin ticket. Sorry to bring politics into it. Just can't seem to stay away...

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