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October 30, 2008


That was a nice video. But I'm not even sure you need to tug at people's heartstrings to bring them into the fold. There no logical legal reason to prevent gays and lesbians from getting married.

I've never seen so many gay Jews in one place!

As a child of a painful heterosexual divorce, I love watching these happy gay marriage videos. I get all weepy.

I'm fortunate to live up here in NorCal where there's no question about who will (and should) win the Prop. 8 debate.

Great post, Danny! And so tactful.

I just told everyone (in my blog post) to quit lying and get over themselves. Marriage was never some man/woman romance thing, it was always about property.

They just drag the references to little children in to ratchet up the homophobic hysteria.

But I will never get a certificate for tact!!!

We voted Yes on Obama/Biden and No on 8 last Saturday so now everyone else is going to have to catch up with us! Yippee!

Have you gone to see "Changeling" yet?

Awesome post, Danny! As one of your Democrat lesbian friends: THANK YOU!

Voted early..Voted NO.. HELL NO!

Wow. And here I am, worrying about how having the president live around the corner will affect my getting to and from Divinity School every day . . .

Here's an obvious bit of wisdom, which I acquired when I lived in Colorado, and which Californians have known for a long time: any time there's an effort to change the state constitution, odds are it's a really bad idea propagated by people with an Agenda.

Thanks so much for speaking out! It helps so much when straight folks stand up for the cause.

If there was any way I could move from Iowa to California just to vote no on Prop 8, I would.

If I lived in California, I would vote no too. As a woman married 38 1/2 yrs to the same man, why prevent anyone from marrying? IT would have NO effect on my relationship nor anyone else's and does not interfere with marraige at all.

Ah...Danny Miller, I love you! (Don't worry, Kendall--I'm no threat.) :)

For the "Yes on 8" people, how has your life and/or your marriage been changed since gay marriage became legal ? How will your life and/or your marriage be changed if it passes ? How will your life and/or your marriage be changed if it does not pass ?

Because of their very agressive campaign and strong financial support in favor of Proposition 8, I think that the Mormon church should have their tax exempt status yanked.

I don't understand how my choice of marriage partner impacts anyone else in the country or even on my block. It's not ok for an adult gay or lesbian couple to marry, but it's ok to encourage pregnant teenage children to?! I find it interesting that republicans oppose gay marriage. They want to deregulate everything except your personal life.

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