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October 20, 2008


"Are you now, or have you ever been, an anti-American?"

You'd think they'd learn...

Oh Danny.....I live a few miles from Bachmann. She's scary, and there are many like her. Although MN is a liberal state by and large, much of that is due to the Twin Cities proper. Out here in the burbs, the colors are much more blurred.

I've been stunned by McCain supporters in my district, and have interviewed several of them. While I normally have no problems with differing political opinions, I did this year, in a big way. The supporters I spoke with were simply not informed and did not want to be informed. They had their rhetoric, their religion, and their radio talk shows -- those were their facts, and it didn't matter if they were wrong, hypocritical, or even flat-out lies. They were going to continue to wave the Republican flag, support the war, and forget the massive debt -- they were going to support WHATEVER their Republican politicians did.....even if it was totally contrary to the original tenets of Republicanism.

I believe the rise in these types of brainwashed people is the result of media deregulation and the proliferation of right-wing programs. Before the deregulation, a program had to present both sides of a political argument. Now, people are getting one side only -- and believing it as the truth.

Dear Danny,
I have nothing but disgust for McCain and Palin. They are so desperate that they're digging up old lies that were already disproven during the primaries. Notice that they never say much of anything that is pro-McCain. They tend to concentrate on character assassination, fear and lies. It may have worked in 2000 and 2004, but it won't work this time. The lousy economy has got the voters screaming for change.

Michele Bachman. What a freak. She's a cross between Katherine Harris and Ann Coulter. Hopefully, the voters in Minnesota will have the good sense to give her the boot.

The sad thing is, that people are starting to act on that hate. A friend of mine from Chicago, took some people to Wisconsin to canvass for Obama, and at one of the houses they went to, a man physically attacked one of the canvassers. That fear gets embodied as violence. It's so dangerous and irresponsible.

I agree. The whole thing is scary. I think it just shows the desperation in the McCain camp.

I do think there needs to be some overhaul on the way these campaigns are run -- and not just the iffy campaign finance reform that McCain suggested. There is too much money and too much crap going on -- like these phone calls. I think there should be stricter rules on how campaigns are allowed to run.

Yes, there should be much stricter rules. No more slanderous lies. I don't suppose it will ever happen, but I would like to see NO comments about the other guy - just information about what the candidate hopes to do if elected. And definitely, a limit on how much money can be spent.

I'd really like a limit on how long they can campaign!

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