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October 11, 2008


For some reason, this makes perfect sense to you. But considering it was Yom Kippur, was the theater half empty?

Not at all, it was packed to the rafters. And according to my Jewdar, most of the crowd was joining me in starting their fast with Patti LuPone instead of their cantor. The Jews and the gays will make sure Broadway survives any economic crisis!

FABULOUS! Thanks for that Tony Performance, once again, Danny....SHE IS THE BEST!!!! The only way I will be able to see this show is if they do a "LIVE" DVD...(Other than that Tony Clip)....I know Patti Lupone reaches a place that no other Actress has...And I saw Merman, as well as a number of other great Actresses....I think being in The St. James Theatre on the eve of Yom Kippur couldn't have been a better place to be, or a more appropriate place to be either, my dear! I wish I could have been there too!

Well, I'll always have "SUNSET BLVD" in London....And Miss Lupone reached the emotional heights in that role, too....!

Excellent review. I loved Gypsy as a kid. I've never seen a live performance of it, but I would love to take my daughters to see it sometime.

I have never had the opportunity to see LuPone in person, but I have her CD's and have watched her on the Tony's or other recorded performances and she really is just amazing.

A friend asked, a while back, why LuPone didn't do more films or television, and only now does the answer come to me. She's really to big for the small screen. Even if that screen is thirty feet wide.

I mean, stage is where she belongs, and where, hopefully, I'll have the chance to see her one day.

Thanks for the great post Danny!!

It just goes to show you how small a minority observant Jews truly are. Also reminds me of when my family would go skiing in Vermont during Passover, and we'd be the only ones in the restaurant with our box of matzoh on the table, asking for no bread with our meals. Do you ever wonder if everyone were observant just for one, would the Messiah come? I hope your Grandparents and Great grandparents weren't turning over in their graves...if they only knew. To them (especially your Great Grandpa), she's just another shiksa. lol

At least she played a nice Jewish girl in "Driving Miss Daisy!"

Okay so call me treacly, but I always loved "Little Lamb." Heck I love all the songs from Gypsy, but my favorite is "Some People."

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