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October 31, 2008


Oh no, Danny, you posted spoilers! I taped this last night so I could watch it while I eat dinner tonight. I will pretend I didn't see any of this.

Yesterday was Wilco day, for sure: first I got excellent tickets to the show coming up the day after my birthday in Baltimore at the beautiful Lyric Opera House, and then they were on Colbert. Happiness!

Oops! Sorry, Heather, I was going for "teasers" more than "spoilers!"

I love the conspicuous placing of the grammy in answer to Colbert's flaunting of his emmy. This topped off what turned out to be a great day yesterday.

I personally thought the best was when Colbert tried to match Jeff's "energy" and complained how his heart just stopped...

I am not a fan of Wilco's (and God knows how much I have tried - since I have tons of friends who are! One of my students berated me the other day for not being a fan!), but I loved the interview, and the song was pretty good too.

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